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I have 650 stories published in 30 collections on the site.
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The Campaign for Terrence Oblong

If you're unfortunate enough to come across the blogs, tweets or facebook postings of 'campaigners' these days it's usually brainless, poorly-written...

Maneg Ikor

Maneg Ikor used the same notebook for everything he wrote. His novel, obviously, was hand-scrawled in the stiff-bound books, along with his poetry...

Mute Witness

The first time I met him I'd never heard of muteness. I knew not that such people existed. I was crossing the churchyard when this man sprang out...

Ulf and Sven and the world beating test and trace system

Sven: ( offstage ) "Ulf. Ulf." ( enter Sven ) Sven: "I've been given £37 billion Ulf." Ulf: "Are you sure Sven? You're not confusing the number of...

Ulf and Sven and the Viking opportunity

Sven: (offstage) "Ulf. Ulf." ( enter Sven ) Sven: "We're going to be Vikings, Ulf." Ulf: "Vikings Sven? What on earth do you mean?" Sven: "It's the...