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I have 494 stories published in 24 collections on the site.
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Swerving the checkatrade

"Sergei's selling his lorry Morris", Stan Lee said. "So?" "You could buy it. You said yourself you need a job. With a lorry you could set up your own...

Mod Diff, V Diff, Hard, Severe

"Timpson isn't it?" "Yes, Derek Timpson." "Good to meet you Timpson, I'm Hardwick, this is Nethergate, and that's Suggs on the end." The three...

Alehouse futsal

"I'll have a pint of the Tea Kettle stout," said Hensley. "Good choice," said the barman, "Little brewery in Oxford that's from." "Well I like to do...


Eddie Soulston was dying. He had cancer, but the cancer had savaged his body's immune system, so he had pretty much everything else as well. He was a...

The Announcement

"A murder is announced and will take place during the night on Friday 19th April at 17 Horesham Terrace." Dan Azari's boss was taking the piss. "Go...