Adult Love :) Stories/Poems

sexual content possibbly in this section. more for over 18's stories poems.

Wild Control

Your just a tease, Some may say who clearly needs to be taught some decorum. We have all had the same Problems different family,So maybe your Father drank and your mother never knew

How is this so wrong.

love and lust

Never Enough Time, Dear.

'ooooo ahh,Dave stop you've Caught my hair' thats all I heard, Whilst I tried to Turn. Sorry Elsie my dear, I heard a Crack, oh this blinking...

I Should Of Said Yes.

It's hard for me each day, To see you pass my window While you walk hand in hand With Mandy Land,now you live Down Cardigan Bay. A single tear mark's...

Missed You All :)

I cant help but type in this Form, I'm addicted to writing And rhyme you see Iv not been on this wonderful Site for a while,and I can tell You its...

'Mental Illness '

Some people are lucky to see rainbows Or sunshine even when there's grey clouds, Be surrounded by sunshine,even when its Raining. Most are fortunate...

Beautiful Angel

Freshly cut lawns,Archways Filled with array of beautiful Flowers,Not a rain drop in the Autumn sky,Hard to imagine We are here to Say good bye...

Not Fair

Day after day,we grieve for you, The heartache of that cruel, Confused, painful day, Will never, ever go away. It was sudden and we felt Such a heart...