My life in Royston Vasey - i.e. N. Devon


C A Jones We were supposed to play a charity gig for a guy who fell off his fishing boat - at least that's what the landlord of The Waverley, Ilfracombe, N. Devon said. Being mad we are not allowed to earn money but I fancied a night out. What a fiasco! 1st there was no sound guy. Ok, we'll do it. 2nd there are seats and tables everywhere. Ok, we will move them. 3rd there are no mic stands. Ok, we will do instrumental. We fell over backwards 'cause it was in a good cause we thought. Then, before we even started to play this drunken tosser at the bar calls out, "You're shit! Its just Karaoke!" This was to me because I was mixing the tracks on my RS7000 - all original and written by us. Then the twat came over and got right in Dean's face. "Its shit! Its rubbish!" I thought Dean was gonna nut him. He carried on, "'Cause I've got an interest in it. I'm in a band." "Yeah." said Dean, "A Red Hot Chilis cover band..." (I mean, our stuff is original and he is in a copycat band singing and playing someone else's shit - and he says WE are Karaoke?) The guy spluttered and said, "Yeah, well. How much are you getting paid for this?" I told him, "Its a charity gig for the guy who fell off the boat." "Oh well, well. Its for a good cause. You only had to say..." and he shambled off back to the bar. We were so pissed off by this time that we packed our stuff, finished our pints and walked out. We went home and got stoned. Big up to Will who tried his best.


30th DEC 2009 blog

I have been writing my autobiography. It sounds mad to me, never mind anyone else. Perhaps that's why I get permanent Disability Living Allowance.

20th FEBRUARY 2009 - blog

My niece, one of them, has added me now on Facebook. I find it most peculiar, to say the least.

22st March 2009 - blog

My band, CRIMINAL SUICIDE LTD, have a gig coming up for the Syd Barrett charity on June 17th at the Forum, Tunbridge Wells. BE THERE! :P

Album - SlightDelay

If you want something done well - you gotta do it yourself.

Sex Is Not Sacred.

Read it and find out.

Fascist Britain

The slow sleepwalk into Fascism

Lincoln 1972

I was checking out a site about the 1972 Lincoln Festival and sent them this.

February 1st 2010

It's my partner, Dean's birthday today. He hates them so has had a few lagers followed by a couple of brewery special ales and is now asleep.


I filled in a form on the Internet last week to get a free credit score and to join the site for a month for free, after which it costs £5.99.

Ruprecht Goes To The Vet's

Well I was going to give up drinking today but I had a load of beer left and, having drunk it, I decided not to give up after all. when you have a Lidl with Grafenwalder at 75p...


"I have done over 28 years cannabis research, so I think I'm qualified. I'm not particularly interested in the red-light district.

Tenth Anniversary.

Dean and I would have been together ten years yesterday - the sixth of March - bur we split up, so it was also the end. I can't claim not to be upset, but when its over, its over.

Things are looking up

Got a great gig in Tunbridge Wells at the Forum.

Well This Has Been A Productive Three Months! 2nd APRIL 2010

As the title suggests its been a good first quarter for me and for the band. CRIMINAL SUICIDE LTD's first album - SINS OF EVERY KIND - is coming out soon - provisional release date is 1st May 2010.


Unfortunately, it is our desire to preserve life at all cost which has led to this. There is no further evolution going on, rather an idea that to preserve life at all costs is right. It isn't.


How does one cope with a sudden drop in income?