Edinburgh Buses

The general state of things in 2010-2011...


The night sky over Stepney

Night: its cross-hatching of antilight behind the eyes; its white-noise hiss of unused sound.

"We will shortly be arriving at Lockerbie."

Streaked and grey with speed and rain; cut up by pylon cables which tense and wane

An homage to plastic cutlery (part 1)

In the warm cabin, The girl swept the crepe mixture round the circular griddle like a World War II radar. The other side of the counter, the air was crisp and cold.

Tea Philosophy

The kettle's on, and now I've shot the glow into you on this unexpectedly yellow spring day - us holding coats and jumpers in the shock of its sudden hot coming - your undoing

Long Distance

Long Distance The bay window evenings eying cold hills through world-muting glass, love ordered numbers I dial shakily: 0141 [her city, its termini and gum freckled pavements]

For Sale

bolder and deeper with the seasonless months...
Gold cherry

Edinburgh Buses

And as evening weighs its tender jaw on lambent streets, now bristling with twilight enterprise my gaze again meets the bus’s...

To Suburbia

Garden toys, algaed; ponds putrid with dank leaves; door slams echoing for want of company, and a world home to the busiest, sullenest most double- yoked nothingness I have ever known.


This poem has been removed following its entry into a competition.
Gold cherry


flecks of shade Cavort on the roofs Of parked cars,

Imagist Suburbia

The evening light tan-coloured on the high-rise draws out its Sky dishes like blackheads;

Turqouise Towels And Riding Crops

Even depression these days is branded in London. Mine is delivered as a blank parcel to the mind, its contents an image of the Hanger Lane Gyratory...

View from the Sixth Floor of an Edinburgh Library

Snowed hills: white waves breaking thickly on the horizon.

mild existentialism in a coastal churchyard

Beside the pub where Samantha - with eyelashes that cut like a Dyson Airblade - stands with a collection tin for the RNLI, is the churchyard. There's...