"Bout the vulture-eyed man"

Darkened now, my thoughts were there Alone, my heart is beating It jolted right into these eyes "No more", his mind was thinking Twas then remembered, the eighth day's night


Ashes to ashes Dust to dust Hear the voice of masses Down the lower uppercrust See the men without refuge Deciding to take flight To take down their leaders Under plain sight


No choice but to follow orders No chance but to reel in boulders No rights but the right to be condemned No odds for we're no soldiers For years we cry to be freed

"The Lumberjack's Winter"

Cold air-filled the lonely road Marching my breath,can it no longer? Feel the warmth as it leaves forever As I roam along, these thoughts -surrender Not giving in, I then continued

"The Weeping Man"

Misery, cried the weeping man in memory


Shackled nonetheless Trapped, concealed in nothing but darkness Evil entered here, as these walls were haunted Yet I, outstanded, still conscious, unwanted

"What the Nightingale Sees"

Tear drops pass by every gloomy night Winds shift at every breath I take Light, invisible, flickering and unseen Forgotten hopes and unbroken dreams


Trapped alone, Away from there, I hear them. In that darkened hall, I rust with the bars that lock me all day In this house Of ravished choices Neglected cremated noises


What shall a person say To prove one's innocence per say Like once upon a time a kill Was blamed on who was innocent ey? Well the story goes on and on, and to Save off the time and review

During the Dark Hours

Cold air rushed open wide, my window As shadows of the dark Crawled, gently on the northside wall Hear it! the eerie noise, whistling My blessed name, crippling upon darkness'


ghosts tend to wander round still and not move on.. I wrote this poem to have an empathetic view about this topic