Life as it is



'We need to go soon', whispered Sally, the other support worker; the one who remained silent because Jenny couldn't stop talking.

A lesson learnt

I think money is a tool, not to make you feel important, a way of enriching your life. Someone I know thinks it's for a rainy rather than holidays or memories to store and share with others.

Another blind man entered our lives; for better or worse!

My story begins with the following ingredients; Blind girl meets blind boy 2 typewriters One steam train Braille books A rehabilitation Centre Love

Doggy tales

I used to be a cat person; my first pet Timmy was carried from my grand-fathers farm here in Northamptonshire. It isn't a farm now but a sprawling housing estate in Rushden.

Down My Way

'Quote of the day' The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die off civilisation! Ralph Waldo Emerson.

How might this happen to me

It should have been a doddle my car needing fuel with the garage about five hundred yards from me. I shudder as I think of my journey; simplicity itself with the click of a key

How wrong can you be

Keen to continue with what you might call my hobby I visited a man in nearby Burton Latimer.

love never dies

I thought you'd be there forever; as cricketers played, our church bells threaded the nights and meadows became green once more. Braille books delivered on black sturdy bike.


The Conservative minister for Welfare Reform Lord Freud obviously thinks he is well equipped to efficiently and compassionately.


Records spin consistently in our home then back to tight, light rows. Elvis or Buddy get him humming away from car boot finds. My feet stay warm and toasty as clock sings out her time



He was too quick for Jenny; rushing to get the oranges that spun; like orange suns in the gutter. She was thinking of the bills she still needed to pay.

Tom part 6

Tom couldn't really say how he knew a lot more than Jenny did. For instance; he knew how it felt to stay forever in a room with people he didn't know or like.


In the very bad end she had to be carried to the bathroom; even though it was only a few footsteps away

Tomorrows Memories

Having recently retired and recovering from a recent operation I'm back on my mission again. I've begun interviewing and gathering more wonderful memories/reminiscences for my next book.

Wicksteed Park Today

The swimming pool might be gone as have the tiny changing rooms yet my memories linger on to childish things; shut away. I'm still the same but older watching the swings at play

Women's Weekly Magazine

Felt quite chuffed to see my writing in this weeks magazine. I've been writing for about eighteen months; it was quite encouraging for me.

ESA/Bedroom-cutsWelfare System gone.

See if you can get help from a organisation such as C.A.B or Law For All

Memories are made of this

I thought our daughter's wouldn't get drunk but...

Memories are made of this

Pamela Field felt little emotion as she stood at the bus stop on that cold, dismal February morning.

Soft, dark eyes stared back

As sirens filled the air

The women who went away

Now, don't get your knickers in a twist pet!

The women who

So she dumped him in a pretty lane in Norfolk

She was a women who....

Where in the world had her skinny dreams gone.

What was normal

Back to the mundane; where would any of our lives be without the ordinary that underpins everything.