Life's Ups And Downs

A collection of poems,prosetry,short stories and flash pieces. Some sad,some happy but most true to life.

I Thought I Heard You Calling

One I entered for a comp' not so long back, It had to have the last line I thought I heard you calling. Needless to say it didn't win but I like it anyway.

A Reflection

What The mirror sees


This was published in Bluechromes Anthology The Review Of Contempory Poets in which Andrew Motion had a poem.

Between Two Bridges

Nothing survives forever

Bitter Sweet In January

I wrote this poem to my husband not long after we married in 1991.

Cause And Effect

A bit of a confession...

Chain Reaction

That's life.

Creative Juices

Just a little bit of a confidence dive

Cruel Tricks And Wrong Turns

Observed recently in Lincoln

Lonely, Lonely.

Sometimes lonliness is the hardest thing to bear.

The Return

It hurts to watch someone close die slowly and painfully...

The Tricycle

A childhood memory. No words were ever spoken, only a line of a song as he peddled away...


During an attack of Meniere's disease

One Afternoon

A nasty moment...


Venting my spleen at writer's block

Faded Collection

Looking back can be sweet.

The Face Rains

A little poetic whimsy

Terror On The Top Deck

This is a true story, it happened to me in the fifties. I've written the situation from my perspective then, and from how a young girl of today would probably handle the same set of circumstances.

Then He Remembers

Lost love


Sometimes the grass seems greener...

When The Music Stops

The unkindest cut of all.

The Last Waltz

The end of the dance...

End Game

A true account of a sad incident that happened to an acquaintance of mine.

Life’s Humourless Joke

In life there is always at least one seemingly important thing left unresolved...


Sometimes it seems my brain has turned to mush!

Midnight Blue

This poem actually won me £100 in 2005 for the shared 4th prize in Forward Press's 100 best poets of the year, 2005 competition.

First Day

Everyone should identify with this in one way or another. I just hope David Killick isn't a writer and contributes here! :)

Scales Of Injustice

That's life. as they say.

The Argument

The morning was behind them a wasted thing;

Turn Worm Turn


Straying Footsteps

A broken Journey through life.

The Waiting Game

All to do again...

Life's Not Bottled

Self explanatory

One Evening Late Last Autumn

I had quite forgotten I had written this.

The First Day In The TB Sanatorium 1956

This is the first in a trilogy of poems about my days in the TB San' 1956

Summer in the San' 1956

2nd in the trilogy Life in The San'1956 Edited Version

Last Lonely Corner

She sings along with the ghosts of memory.

The Merest Moment

A re-write of an old poem

Turquoise Silk

Poetry, New Seasons Writing Comp

First Time

Just a little poem

The Proposal

Another little poem

No More Words

A Dark Poem...

No Going Back

Bitter Memories

The Reluctant Vagrant

Observed one wet winter day in Grantham.

The Swinging Tree

I held a knobbly stick in my hand not intended for a weapon, a memory in prosetry

Within These Walls

Good to be back. Been ill. This is just a moment, an impression caught while in hospital

Past The Last Stitch

Red Dress and park bench ABC Radio Competition Entry

Time To Act My Age, Or Is It?

A re-write on an old one

Meneire’s Disease

I'm allergic to the medication so I have to ride out an attack.

Googling Earth

Competition Entry


He wasn’t ready to be tethered, I was too young to recognise truth.

Our Mulberry Love

Not much inspiration at the moment so I'm posting an old one, Well,it does have one cherry in it! (:


Could this be my swan song?

One Dark Night Long Ago... (A re-write)

She would imagine something dark waiting to leap out at her...

First Desolation Then A Joyous return

After almost a year of recurring illnes and hospitalizations I'm feeling like writing again. my first tentative steps back. A Tetractys and a Triolet

This Momentous Day

This, after a first feverish night in hospital.

Winter Blues A paradel (Another I. P. )

A Paradel/Paradelle is a complicated poetic form. Google for explanation

The Eyes Have It ( I. P )

he was sick of the sight of me…

Without A Voice

Always ignored

Winter 1947 ( I.P.)

This poem I wrote some time ago, it illustrates perfectly my dislike of snow and how fed up I am right now of the weather.