miscellaneous creations

stories that either do not fit into the catagories listed in other creations or are too few in number to warrant their own catagory.

Outlook lookout

Travis stared dolefully at the shimmering lights that lined the shrouded horizon.

Aston and the Astro-travel Bureau

Ever wondered what would happen if people started discriminating against opposite star signs. Read this Astrology meets bureaucracy story and find out.

Qualis Artifex Pereo

A ficticious account of the death of Nero.

The Empty Room

I deleted this story from this site awhile back but after much thought decided to restore it again. It basically deals with the concept of reverse Solitary Confinement.

Non Essential Work

Many years ago a group of school children gathered together to watch a big lawn being cut by a reasonably large ride on mower. A member of the public...

Absent Without Leave

An A to Z story accounting the effects of the absence of a loved one during Christmas Another Christmas had come and gone, but Jason’s present still...

Covid’s Conscientious Objectors

The purpose of this article is not to trivialize the virus, or even champion the whims of conspiracy theorists. It is to give a rational voice to...

The Little Masketeer

A Dialog only story between Billy and his father about the need to wear a mask to school. “Listen Billy, you need to wear your mask at school today...

Gobbles Has Gone Awol

A Dialog only story featuring Billy, Sasha and thier father “Any sign of Gobbles, Daddy?” “I’m afraid not, Sasha.” “He’s probably in someone’s oven...