Short Stories

From time to time, I attempt the odd humorous short story.  Some of them have been published in the Derby Telegraph, others just languish on my blog.  These are a few of them.


AlterNativity - Part 1 - The Night Watch

This is the first story in my 'Alter-Nativity' series. Basically some stories (with my tongue firmly shoved in my cheek) which show how the Nativity might have played out, if you had been there at the time. For this first story, just what was it that the shepherds were doing while they watched?

You'd Better Watch Out

I suppose that we've reached the time of year when a Christmas story wouldn't look too out of place. This one originally appeared in the Derby Telegraph in 2014, and begs the question, what do you do if you really catch Santa Claus? You can also find this, and a lot more like it, in my Christmas collection of stories "A Christmas Cracker"

AlterNativity - Part 2 - The King Thing (Revised)

The second instalment in my alternative nativity. The shepherds have an unexpected encounter on the way to the stable.

AlterNativity - Part 3 - A Room At The Inn

We've heard about the innkeeper, in just about every nativity, but what about the inn?

King Wenceslas, Look Out! - Part One

We've all heard of Good King Wenceslas, particularly at this time of year, but was that always the case?

King Wenceslas, Look Out!! - Part Two

In Part One , the Page tried to get the King to do a charitable act for a peasant gathering winter fuel but the King was more interested in his crossword.

Trick or Treat?

I was rather taken with the characters of Peregrine and Prudence in You'd Better Watch Out and I wondered what would happen if they took a similarly analytical approach to other holidays and celebrations, hence this

What's In Store, For Santa Claus?

When you're as logical and inquisitive as Peregrine and Prudence, Christmas can present a bit of a challenge!

Here We Come A'Wassailing

Peregrine and Prudence try out an old English festive tradition.

School's Out(ish)!

Peregrine and Prudence find themselves still at school, even when others are not.

Pack up your troubles in your old kit...

Peregrine and Prudence take advantage of V.E. Day to hone their entrepreneurial skills..

A Panda Called Mick

From time to time I write stories for my grandson in which I imagine the conversations that might take place between his two Labradors, Packham and India. I thought they might be a bit perplexed by all that is going on at the moment, so I thought it would be interesting to hear what they make of it all...

The Walrus and the Aunteater

My grandson wanted a sequel to 'A Panda Called Mick ', so this is it. Being of an orderly mind, he wanted Packham to understand what was really going on this time, which is something of a tall order for a Chocolate Labrador but we've given it our best shot ;-)

Don't Take The Tablets!

My grandson, Flynn, was concerned that his two dogs, Packham and India, hadn't properly understood about the virus either in 'A Panda Called Mick' or 'The Walrus and the Aunteater' so he asked if this time I could make sure that they did. I must admit, I couldn't see much opportunity for humour in that context, but it turns out I was wrong ;-)

In Search of the 'Snoz-Wanger'!

My grandson had to create an imaginary creature for his remote English school work. In this exercise he had to describe the creature and explain its habitat and habits. This made me wonder what his two dogs, Packham and India, might make of it...

Dog Days!*

It's Packham's birthday, so it seems a bit unfair he should be spending it doing hard sums!

Departure Point?

You know how, sometimes, you can only hear one side of a conversation but that tells you all you need to know? Well...