The View From Uphere

My thoughts as described by the English language

I Love You

I s it really all that hard to say? L oud and clear to the one O nly if you feel, then you may V anity isn’t much fun E very time that you get the chance,

A (not so ) Love Story

She wanted laughter, so he made her laugh, And then she wanted more, so he gave her half She wanted his time, so he gave her his life, She wanted his love, so he made her his wife

A Moonlit Night

Surely a Goddess, you must be, How breathtakingly beautiful you are An Angel from Heaven, sent to me, Or a Queen from lands afar Your golden hair glistens in the brilliant moonlight,

A Mothers Love

There’s nothing stronger than a Mother’s love, It is unyielding, all forgiving, all true To grow, it needs not the rains from above, Nor the sun from Heavenly skies of blue

A Pink Whisper

She is a smile we all long to see, A smile that brings warmth to ones soul She is laughter that sets us free, Filled with the power to make us whole She is a hug we all desperately need,

A Soldier Comes Home

For three long days, he’s been on this train, And home is all but three hours away It should all be over, his suffering, his pain, Yet he’s numb, he has nothing to say

A View of Life

Imagine looking through a window, as if standing outside a window, looking in What you have is a view of life, a view of lives possessed solely by the beings living it


Life, an avalanche of experiences, of things we remember and long to forget, of times happy, sad, indifferent, and unwanted We walk like robots in a world where nobody cares,

An Unfamiliar World

Alone on a darkened street corner, in an unfamiliar world One of violence and despair I walk on for no cab dares to venture here From the shadows, a man asks for a light

April Twenty Third Nineteen Hundred Eighty Three

Once upon a time on a sun filled day, I stood waiting at the base of an alter Nervous of the change, all dressed in grey, Terrified that my voice may falter

As a River Flows By

I once came here a long time ago, In another world that I used to know Such a quiet place, peaceful and free, For I loved her, and she also loved me


Convictions conveying ,conflicting modes, Filling your head till it nearly explodes Restrictions recalling, recurring dreams, Stagnating mildly, or so it seems

Daddy's Here

Come my boys, I have something to say, Your Mother’s not feeling very well today She may be gone, but there’s nothing to fear, For rest assured that your Daddy is here

Dancing on the Water

I’m dancing on top of the water, a choppy top of a lake, Life tries to push me under, but of what it gives I take And I laugh out loud and I giggle, as I mock life’s intention,


Regret And suddenly my life was over, and off to Heaven I went, An extremely frightening journey for ones treasured life that’s spent And I walked along a path, not knowing where to go,

Golden Sunsets and Sleepless Nights

Golden Sunsets and Sleepless Nights Another golden sunset, another sleepless night, Another place, another time, it might’ve been alright Screaming at the madness, crying out with pain,


And he screams into the darkness of nothing And he begs for something of which he knows nothing And his soul burns with unanswered prayers All of this under grey, threatening skies

The Winds of Chaos

As tears fall upon the page, smearing the ink that puts my thoughts to words, they become the ink and the words start to all run together They become blurred and order becomes chaos

The Wish

One day as I walked along the beach, A glittering, shiny object caught my eye Buried in the sand, almost out of reach, Laid a bottle, waiting for someone, to pass by

To Love Once Again

If given the chance, to love once again I'd try my best to do it this way I would take her places, she’s never been Say I love you to her every day

To Arms

They come at us with riveting speeches, We are swept away with a cause And as troops amass to storm the beaches, Liberty dies with thunderous applause

The Pleasure of Hate

The sky is cloudy, and it looks like rain My heart is heavy and so full of pain As I walk down the street, head hung low Tears in my eyes and I’ve no place to go

Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, & The Blues

It seems I'm always walking in the dark, And this road grows longer still Sadness & despair slowly carves its mark, And for living, I have lost my will

Mister Blackbird

Oh Mister Blackbird, please stop your song, Your chirping is driving me crazy I realize it’s morning but please move along, ‘Cause this morning I think I’ll be lazy

Nine Eleven

Dear God in Heaven, oh precious One, Hear the Prayers of an American son A tragedy has struck, and sent many Your way, Oh Lord, please see they have a pleasant stay

The Rainbow

I followed a rainbow the other day, And it’s ending left me with nothing to say I was merely doing what I was told, I was searching for a pot of gold

Iva's Story

In 1990, my Grandpa passed away, He had a good life, he was 80 years old Wide eyed, I'd listen to every word he'd say, I relived every precious story that he told

Succulent Grace

A thing of desire when she dances, With a fragrance of succulent grace, She captivates me with her prances, And beauty is etched upon her face All the worlds eyes are upon her now,

The Long Road

The road is long and dusty, and I walk along with a view One of weeds with roots of deceit, garbage along the road way And I travel without a sound as if I am in some sort of vacuum

Those Eyes

Those eyes… As I gaze into the soft light of their touch,, I feel warmth, understanding, I feel love and it glows as of embers in a fire I love you! If ever it was, it is now

Wooosh, Aaah

Wooosh, aaah, that wonderful smell, And a smile replaces a frown In an instant, I’m happy, feeling swell, Instead of just feeling down We as Humans, overlook such things,

Who Am I?

I feel like I’m an actor, an integral part of a play, They make me wear this costume, and tell me what to say They bind me to a script, I have no control of my own,


There is a woman, and she sits all alone, From the beginning of time, she perches her throne And she bears witness to the troubles of life, So much pain, so much sorrow and strife


Cast in a beautiful Wyoming sky, The grandest of all the land A cowboy races, his lasso held high, His horse obeying his command A bull with the strength of 500 men,


Hope, that which drives us, which cleanses the soils of the trappings of Life and its makings. It brings us smiles and allows us the joys of anticipations of a better tomorrow.

The Killer

There’s danger in the town tonight, A killer with a distorted mind Paranoia and hate clouds his sight, His victim he will surely find The town is quiet, lost in a dream,

If God was a Woman

If God was a woman, would things be the same, The first sin committed, would Adam be the name, Would fall roll around, and bring death and decay,

The Madman's Cry

Shadows looming in the deeper recesses of my thoughts, deny any comfort there The realization of a cold, cruel world, leaves one reeling for a safe and private place,

The God Dream

I had a dream that God was real He was a wrinkled up, beaten old man I asked him, God, just what's the deal You should be fit & tough with a tan He answered with a gravely, voice of years

The Bench

Sometimes, when I come here, I look to the skies above The thought of you, brings a tear, Mixed with sadness, anger, and love And sometimes, when I come here,


The last gasps of a dying love, Are filled with sorrow and pain They rise up, to the skies above, And fall violently, with the rain

Innocence Lost

There was once upon a time, When all my poetry, seemed to rhyme But life, in its funny way, Has robbed my innocence, and I say,,,, FUCK IT!!!!!

Trolls and Witches and Old Grey Wolves

There once was this little boy, and he was lost in the woods He wandered trail after trail, he was so scared These were the days of Trolls and Witches and Old Grey Wolves

Maternity Leave

There was a girl whose name we all know, She was sick of work and didn’t want to go So she overslept, and she faked being sick, But they caught on to each and every trick


They told me that Santa was for real, With the truth a part of me died To them, it wasn’t such a big deal, But the truth had said they lied


Damn the luck for I shot him, and he managed to shoot me as well I got him first, but he did not die Now, neither of us can move, for both of us are mortally wounded


P assionate and soothing sort of describes hue U nique in its mood, this crossing of red and blue R egal and exquisite, like the taste of a fine wine

Pennies for my Thoughts

If I had a penny, for every thought of you, I could buy the Taj Mahal Then hire some painters to paint it blue, Turn it into a Shopping Mall

The Bridge

Many a time I come here, this Bridge made of mortar and stone, My Grandpa helped to build it, and now it has become my own Its therapeutic nature, can give such peace to a troubled heart,

The Six W's

Who? You, for you are the sparkle in my eye What? A special kind of love just for you and I Why? Because skies are blue whenever you are near

Going Home

A familiar place that he once knew, Yet touched by the hands of time He remembers the things he used to do, So innocent, and so sublime He walks down Main Street, intentionally slow,


Dear God in Heaven, oh mighty, merciful One, I send You this sincere, yet simple prayer Within the Grace, from the sacrifice of Your Son, I have a testimony, I would truly like to share

How a Blind Man Sees Red

The wind ruffling the leaves of a tree. The shuffling of feet across the floor The humming sound of a bumble bee The knocking upon a wayward door The barking of a dog in the City Park

The Batman Cape

Through the course of my life, I’ve done my share of Praying, It has the power to comfort an aching soul I was never really sure, that He heard what I was saying,

Of God and Mercy

Dear God in Heaven, I send You this prayer, And I do so with a heart filled with pain I try to understand, it just seems so unfair, My tears of...