Inspiration point (IP)

If you hadn't heard - next Thursday is going to be quite a day!  I wonder what the following Friday 13th will bring us - EEK!  So that's our inspiration point - Waking up on Friday 13th...(doesn't have to be political at all).

Inspiration point

The Waiting Game

The door slammed, echoing down the long hall. Sealing my fate. Trapping me in this box. This tiny ass room with this annoying ass man who asks too many damn questions.


Based on the Inspiration Point which banned the following letters: e, r, n, p, y

Blazing tulips

I woke up with a painful nostalgia for tulips, with every muscle in my body aching to feel them. Haven’t seen those live in a million years. Being sick of the artificial ones that surround me.

Animal Quakas (I.P.)

An attempt at the I.P. A poem (of sorts) the letters E,R,N,P,Y prohibited. Difficult, or what?


WHY ROYAL? Why honour Wootten Bassett with a royal accolade? Did some monarch in the past enjoy its Grand Parade? This cannot be, for it has none, yet people flocked from everywhere