Inspiration point (IP)

Is it me?  I can't help visualising our present PM as toad of Toad Hall (or Whitehall).  If I were to be an animal I'd be a parrot - or perhaps a goat.  Our inspiration point?  Animal counterparts - or vice-versa. let the animal in you run wild across the page.

Inspiration point

One Night

It started my average Saturday night, though I’d never even heard of this place before.

My Little Bird

The evening kisses cool on the back of my neck. I huddle smaller despite the mildness of the breeze. My thoughts turn inward, abandoning civility as I forget to remember again.

Little Boy

Why do we tell them that they can't show emotion?

Is the grass greener ...? (IP)

Shortie said to Bean-pole, ‘I wish that I was tall!’ Bean-pole said to Shortie, ‘I’d rather be quite small! I feel just so conspicuous, up here above you all.’