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Omar's Diary 21st April 2018

Grand National Success - Trump - Tony Benn - Henry Kissinger - Flat Racing Well, I must say that I was extremely pleased at five thirty last Saturday...

Omar's Diary Saturday 14th April 2018 - Grand National Day

The Servants move some equines, Mitsie misbehaves and Omar and Man Servant have selected four horses for The Grand National The Servants had a very...

A Very Risky Venture with a Best Friend

A few years ago my wife bought me a taster course at the British Racing School based at Newmarket. I still believe that this was a highly veiled...

The Best Chocolate Dessert Ever

After our last experience of lunching out on a Bank Holiday we did have some trepidation about booking for the three course Easter Sunday Lunch at...

Fact Check - Switzerland and the EU

I don't very often get riled enough to write something as critical as this about politics and the use of social media as Omar quite often expresses...