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El encuentro - the chance meeting

Cheeky Spanish practice - feel free to correct.

Boatman's dream 32

Clear as the Severn fog (oops! Missed a section out. Reinstated.)


WIFI broken. Phone alone.

Something's broke

Oh Britain! Oh America! A tenuous majority speaks on your behalf Insults the neighbours Turns the tables on humanity Demonstrates its constancy by...
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Tail-end tale in a passing storm


75 of my comments have received 80 Great Feedback votes

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Urban living in the sky. Love

Posted on Mon, 07 Jul 2014

Urban living in the sky. Love the scenes that you create, Tina. '77 at a guess? Depicts the emptiness and the grind wonderfully. Something wistful about it, though.

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Fabulous!  I love what you've

Posted on Thu, 20 Mar 2014

Fabulous!  I love what you've done to the IP.  Taken it, broken it all up, spat bubbles into it and thrown it into the wind!  Linguistic loveliness.  Don't go too far away.  I get those feelings all the time.

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Posted in IP Babylon was built on Grain