It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death of well-wisher (John Nandy) after a short illness.

John's sister, Bithika let us know yesterday and has said she and the rest of his family have been touched and comforted by the comments left on his final poem, and that they would be proud and pleased if we mentioned him on the front page.. She also sent some photos which she wanted us to include.

John will be very much missed by many on ABCTales. He was a prolific writer with a great talent and a huge imagination, supportive and kind to other writers and made many generous donations to the site for which we are extremely grateful.

His work is all here: - and I especially recommend his brilliant fairytales and children's stories.

I will send Bithika a link to this post so if you want to leave a memory or comment, it will hopefully bring them some comfort at this very sad time.





John was one of our most committed contributors, and he will be missed very much.

His imagination was generous and enchanting.  One of my absolute favourites of his stories was 'Alfie's Alphabet Book'.  It's in three parts:

It's a truly magical tale, the kind of thing that children would adore hearing and adults would be more than happy to read aloud over and over again.

Lots of love and sympathy to his family.  I hope the knowledge that his writing brought joy and wonder to others will be a comfort.  






Bithika, I feel very saddened since hearing about JoHn. His work is beautiful. His children's stories a treasure chest of invention and imagination. I sent a link to my own grandchildren some time ago. We had some great exchanges on here. He came across as a principled and lovely man. I'll miss his presence very much. X

Thank you for the photos.

You could spend days reading these.

Parson Thru

So sorry for your loss. He was an excellent writer and such a gentleman.


So sorry to hear this- what a talent xx


Sad to hear of his demise. A great loss to us all.


Dear family of Well_Wisher

 I used to read my son his stories and later he also liked John's satire which filled me with awe and delight. The stories were so full of magic and imagination, beautiful images but also messages about kindness. He seemed a man of great spirituality. Everything he wrote was full of the joy of words and how he could make them bring wonder, living life to the fullest. Reading one of his new poems was a highlight of my day, gentle, funny, witty. And his politics - to see the way clearly, argue his point patiently and peacefully. He was a great thinker.  I am glad and grateful to have had the opportunity to read both his creative writing and other posts. And that he supported ABCTales which has helped me and others, cope with stuff,  that is another wonderful thing, specially as he did not have much to spare.  Please keep his writing on the site so I can go back to it in years to come?   I feel honoured to have known him even the tiny bit that I did and cannot imagine how you must feel. Thankyou for posting the photos of him, too XXX


Rest in Peace, Well-Wisher. I am one of the many who miss you xxx


Rest in Peace Well-Wisher. There was never a time when there was none of your productive writing on the recent timeline of Reads on this site, so I often read your work. But there was so much of it I could never keep up! Your often childlike rewritten fairy tales, always had a clever twist, a message of interest. Your inspiration was wide. And your satirical and political poems and pieces in recent times were always worth a read, for your clear mind and your refreshing ways of viewing the world. Thank you for your work and I do hope that in abctales your stories and the memory of you can survive and continue to reach its audience.

I've only just seen this and I'm in total shock. He was an imaginative soul who inspired and gave so much to the sight.

Good night JoHn, may you now rest in peace. I hope the family find comfort and peace too.



Very sorry to hear this news. Well wisher’s stories always made an impression on me


His children stories were always full of such vivid imagination that they were a joy to read. He had a way with his words that they appealed to adults and children alike. Quite often there would be a message of hope and inspiration within them that made you smile whilst reading. He messaged me a few times when I was writing my "Julian" stories to say how much he enjoyed them. He came across as a kind and compassionate man and a gentleman who will be sorely missed on this site. RIP my friend.


Bithika I thought you and your family might also like to read the poems which have been written after hearing of John's loss. the links are below:


sad times. he saw the world clearly and is fairy tales and poetry had a simple morality that is missing for our hurrying, and often blind modern world. He ofen saw what others could not and had the skill to put it into words.

this is one of my favourite of his stories that I have read so far


meep, yes, meep. I like it.  


RIP Wellwisher. Sad old world.


What a beautiful choice, Di.