The Classroom Diaries

May go somewhere. May not.

The Classroom Diaries

Even walking through the doors in the morning was a chore. The regiment of stern faces formed a welcoming wall, judging and scrutinising in equal measure. This would be awkward.

The Classroom Diaries - Chapter 2

The class were on edge. They moved and twitched as one, hungry and focused. Each one was as intent on their purpose as the next.

The Classroom Diaries - Chapter 3

Armstrong was late. Jason sat smugly to the right of the Deputy head who gave him a tut tut look as he sidled in. The room was laid out like a...

The Classroom Diaries - Chapter 4

Great, Armstrong thought. Wind. Tuesday morning brought more than just bus duty for the Joint King of English as the kids had dubbed him. It was...

The Classroom Diaries - Chapter 5

1105 Observer has settled the class and asked them to note down five questions they have from last lesson. Class seem confused. Mentions of ‘video’.

The Classroom Diaries - Chapter 6

When he would look back on the day's events he would wonder why he spent so much time worrying about what he'd just done. There was something much more important to worry about.