Flowers for the Dead : POEMS

A few poems about various things in life.

"Love seeketh only Self to please
To bind another to its delight,
Joys in another's loss of ease,
And builds a Hell in Heaven's despite."

(William Blake - The Clod and the Pebble, Songs of Experience)

"Where the lamb died
A bird sings,
Where a soul perishes
What music ? The cross
is an old-fashioned
weapon, but its bow
is drawn unerringly
against the heart."

(R.S. Thomas - Sure)

A Blast of Trumpet

That morning I'd heard hens and cocks, no peace to get me through it..........

Costa Discordia

Ripping the hull on rocks below....

Diamond Jubilee

This is the Diamond Jubilee, a very special anniversary....


With each blast, the heart stops. What tomorrow is left? The urgency is to evacuate, To leave behind The baby's rattle, the kettle on the hob, Burnt...

Hunter's Moon

Another hour, minute, second of death..........

In A Country Churchyard

Time catching up with them...............


The spoils of redemption ?



Take things easy, Edna

But, Edna, we were right, you collapsed last night............

The Blue Rose

Atoning for our sins today........

The Glass Orchid

Paradiso Perduto ?.

The Lonely Night

The hopelessness of bereavement..............

The Magician's Assistant

Competition Entry. Zoe proves to be rather careless.

The March of the Office Clerks

Like a green grasshopper On the keys of her typewriter, Miss nine-to-five Sports black heels, black tights, A white and sensible blouse. The plastic letters of her alphabet soup

The Marigold and the Rose

A drop of dew fell sensually through the open lips of a rose..........


Her tights had a new use. He put them over his head, And shot someone. Apparently, she wore them again. She met the vicar in them. He never noticed the ladder.

Two 5-7-5s : Crow & Raven

An unkindness of ravens..........

Whatever happened to Woolies ?

Woolies has gone forever. This poem is a kind of lament, though written before we knew the terrible fate of its giant empire.

When Brian Played Like Dennis Brain

Brian himself could not have been prouder.........

Sunlight like smiles

Sunlight, like smiles, Opens my eyes. I see you for what you are. Strangely it is unexpected, Like a bright dagger Of crystalline sex. Orchestra in...


BREXIT Brexit is the problem of the day, Worst of all we have to pay. And if we don’t and no deal looms, Will they sue us in EU rooms? Then there’s...

The Melting Iceberg

The Melting Iceberg The melting iceberg Should fill us with fear. It is showing us all The end is near. What can we do To change this plight? Coerce...

The Ship and the Iceberg

Calm waters on the horizon, But the passengers wanted to go a different route. Soon choppy waters became the order of the day, Winds whipped up and...

The Hike

The country roads were wide and winding, A canopy of trees and hegerows fresh with elderflower, Giving off a lovely scent. Then we came to a bluebell...


Christians say it's heaven or hell, The knelling of the funeral bell. Rational minds say it's nothing at all, The man with the scythe's terrible call...

Pandora's Box

The sun was intense, And in the green parkland Older children played. A frisbee whizzed through the still air, And people grouped in case of a...


I saw you in a flower, The brightest, sunniest one there is. I saw you in a landscape, So green, so yellow, so ever blue, With red-rooved houses and...

Our Day is Over

Ring-a-ring o' roses, Pocket full of posies, A tishoo, A tishoo We all fall down. London's burning, London;s burning, We are in the charnel house,...

Elizabeth Regina

Especially now we know your worth. Little time has passed, since we last saw your smiling face, In truth the nation loved you. Zen buddhists,...