I came to Scotland to study English

Written or reflecting back on 1976 - 1999 my years in Scotland

Thinking of you Frances

We made friends very easily When we were only four For months the house stood empty Then your family moved next door We bathed our dolls in saucepans...

A Tour of My Neighbourhood

Written some years ago when I lived in inner-city Edinburgh.


'I would rather spend three years in Craigmillar Castle than three weeks in Craigmillar' - the Other Alternative Edinburgh ed. and compiled by RES

Biography - Two thirds of a sestina for Olive Slater

My lovely neighbour on the first floor of Fowler Terrace, Embro'. Mrs Slater used to window watch everything that happened in the street. Her friend Mrs Tweed who had the back flat watched everything that happened out the back. Between them they didn't miss much!

May 1999, An Independent Scotland

For it's true my friend it's true my friend, to tell the truth I'm bound-o There's always trouble in the air with elections coming round-o (Trad. Australian ballad)

May 1999, An Independent Scotland - 2

Want one? or 'the personal is political,and the political is also personal.'

Ray's Memories age 19

October 1976, North London no more - I escape to Scotland!


They showed her on STV The pregnant prisoner The mother soon to be Taken from Cornton Vale Women's Prison In Bridge of Allan Cuffed, manacled to a...

Birthday! Polling day 06.05.1999. The First election for the brand new Scottish Assembley

Yes! It's the Big Day! My alarm rings at 5am sharp .Today is the day that I work for a full thirteen hours as a Presiding Officer at the Polling...
Gold cherry

A Break in the Clouds - my Memories of living at Faslane Peace Camp back in August 1983

The rain stopped! We emerged from our peace caravans. Jenny fanned the sparks from the local newspaper The Helensburgh Times. The sparks from the...