The Lyft Logs

In an effort to sharpen my observation skills as much as to get into the habit of writing more often, I'll add to this from time to time with such memorable and or fascinating details of my Lyft driver experiance as will not offend the civilized sensibilities of these gentle readers.

1,001 Philly Lyft Rides

I keep promising myself I'm going to write more. I suppose many of you already know how that works out... So here goes!

A Dozen Drive Day

A dozen drives on a dreary day. Made brighter by the adventures I had on the way! * image of my shirt taken by my camera, no rights to trademarks or registered logos claimed or intended.

Philly Lyft Volume II

Lyfting Philly on a Sunday afternoon

Random Thoughts Compilation & Lyft Journal

Wanted to try something different, kind of a free form deal. Two recent ride journals and a couple of recent thoughts.

Full Moon Friday Night

Just a few interesting rides from last night

Captian's Lyft Log - 190323.24

No tip Saturday! Booo.. Nice rides too.