Semi-poetic attempts at becoming the Black Country bard

My poems. If you can call then that.

Homage To Chloe

Those lips were as red and bloody as the jaws of a tiger feasting on a fresh kill.....

'Er 'Oo Sleeps With The Fishes

WORK IN PROGRESS - Experimental, Black Country slang. Comments please.....

An Old Incantation

Is it so wrong to call from the abyss something that God deemed never to be?

Apocalypse 2012

Then, I guess He'll wipe every last detail of our shoddy credentials off His chalk board in one fell swoop

Appeasing The Jabberwock

It might have been brillig, but I'm not entirely sure of that word's etymology so I can't say for sure.....

Baby Boy



A very rude poem with a sad undercurrent.

Jean And Sylvia On The Razzle

“As you know, love, my sister's worked in Tesco for years, and they don't 'ave 'alf the weirdos we 'ave in soddin' Boots.”


Racked with guilt and a tangle of abstract furies the monster said that he didn't want to hurt her, but he hurt her anyway. He said he couldn't help it.

The Box

Don't open the box, or else.

The Hunger

In this never-ending miasma of nobodies I am searching for a special someone, and not just anyone will do.


“I'm going now, Sarah-Jane, never to return,” I said blithely, waving like a fruit and nut case on a day trip from a hospital for the criminally inept.

Molecular Activity (The Twisty Woman Tryst)

Only a few non-random molecules of the big picture, the big, fat, juicy dream of you and I will stick in my mind, sugar lump.....

The Waterhole

I need a jolt from your electrodes, I ache for a vivifying shock as much as a soft caress.

My Dim Recall

the whys and wherefores of that devastatingly brutal rejection are lost in the mist of past lives lying one atop another like so many shed skins.

Footbig And The Sad Saga Of Charlie Grapes

“Footbig?” I'm sure he would grumble if he could talk. “Too right - unfortunately such is my name, and I blame it all on a certain would-be comedian not a million miles away.”

Serpent Kundalini

Besieged by an ever increasing heat the monster Eros (if that its real name) rears its ugly, deceitful head one last time

The Waterwheel

If you like I can try to explain the subtle ins and outs of this particular branch of celestial mechanics, but I doubt if you'll believe me or even begin to comprehend.....

The Weekly Shop

I growl malevolently at the brawling thugs around me, vultures and sewer rats and shit eaters all.


“I'm going now, Sarah-Jane, my love, never to return,” I said blithely.

The Grin

She caught his eye as she admired the butterflies on the flowers that he squashed as he stepped out into the open.

Upload, Unload

Plug in. Switch on. Boot up.

You Ain't Kate Moss

You ain't Kate Moss.....

Your Name Is Claire

Your name Is Claire, but you don't know that I know it.