Some call it Poetry

These are my attempts at poetry - aha haha haha

Comes the Night

Comes the night. Basking in the setting sun’s warmth, The air whispers the promise of night’s chill, A breath of wind, a swift’s quick song, Ev’n fall comes A cacophony of crows,

A Prayer of The Fallen

Father, I do not beg thy forgiveness, I am but what thou madest of me, Forged in the fires of an indifferent world was I, Tempered by pain and ridicule, Sharpened by love lost.

Alone among many

Alone among many An’ thou wouldst turn thine eyes from me; I ask thee, what ill have I done? ‘Thou hast honour’ You charge. Thou wouldst speak against me;


The Darkwolf A light cloaked in shadow; A soul shackled in chains of eldritch hue; A heart once aglow now cold. Savage, implacable, deadly. All of these am I; The wolf among sheep;

time heals?

Time Heals All This they say; Time heals all. Yet wounds there are That Chronos’ salve cannot absolve The immeasurable wonder of love, All too brief moments of joy.


Twilight is upon me. Soon night must fall. The chains shall be broken. The great wolf shall stalk the land once more. The Harbinger. Fenrir will be free. Ragnarok come at last.

ode to a friend

A beguiling word and bewitching glance may unfasten many a door. But if my favour you would adjure; this alone is all I ask; Speak your thought; be true to your word,
Poem of the week

inspiration point - poem?

Softly they fall, gentle and silent Petals of winter’s white rose, Hard edges fade and blur Trees shiver in frigid slumber Quick-flick, warily she darts Stop-start, stop-start

Nature's sorrow

Tiny creatures stop at my feet Marvelling at my majesty Brief sparks of life Instants measured against mine I towered above this land Before the first of their kind Walked this fertile earth

Life goes on

Life goes on (without me) I sit and stare out the window Watch as they go by, Running errands Living their lives Laughter echoes in Joy, love and friendship Jealousy flares sometimes

The idiot's prayer

The idiot’s prayer. Bound by my word; Lost in my pain; You hold my heart; Control my fate. I know what I wish; What I desire; Your hand in mine, you in my arms;

The Werewolf's wyrd

The Werewolf’s wyrd. I watch you humans, Scurrying around in busy lives, Unawares and unknowing, That the predator’s gaze is upon you. The spark of your lives,

In dreams

In dreams you are with me once more, Your warmth beside me, Your heart beating in time with mine, An eternity in each heartbeat. In dreams I feel your breath on my cheek,

Once Bitten...

I’d exorcised the ghosts, Laid them all to rest, The dead had been buried, The gravestone set. Yet I hear the whispers sound once more, Promises that snared my heart and faith,

The Hunter

Time slows; the seconds like molasses, He draws near once more, As he did once before, When he took her from me. I feel his presence though I see him not, The chill around the heart,

I have only these hands

I have only these hands, Hands that worked the dark earth, Hands that held the kicking gun fast, Hands from which blood can never be cleansed. I have only these hands,

The Creed of The Lonewolf

The Creed of The Lonewolf. To all, this I say; I am but passing through your lands, From one place to another, on my way, I will not hunt from your range,

The Sands of Time

Tick follows tock follows tick. But the moments between tick and tock, They grow ever longer. Seconds stretch to minutes, Minutes to hours… Each new day an eternity,

Take My Hand

Darkness was within me, Darkness all about me, Darkness was my strength, Darkness was my joy. I was falling and did not know, I was falling and did not care, My soul polluted,

The last battle

I stand alone now, On this field of battle, Mine enemies gather close, Sensing victory. The precious few, Those that stood with me, They have fallen, Their strength departed,

i am but a man

I am but a man, Mortal and fallible, My mistakes many and myriad, But never have I denied them, Never claimed perfection, Never claimed superiority, I am but a man. I am but a man,