Unordered Tales

To Carol

For Carol

He breathes the breath of life into our infant soul
And with that fledgling zephyr
Our voyage along this mortal coil begins
He is our compass, captain and our guide
Through mirrored ponds of gentle calm
Through angry, raging seas
He never leaves the helm
And when the storm is no more
He hails us stow the sail
And we beach upon that heavenly shore
Somewhere beyond the veil.

For Carol


This tries to describe the frustration we all feel about trying to learn something.

A darkened soul

Someone who is forced to face family memories of the past, by events in the present.


An Empty Fool I have become so wise Yet, I remain a fool. No one wants to listen When I tell them what is wrong. Like the fool in the song Perched on an empty throne, I pontificate and preach.

Annie Get Your Gun

This poem is about a friend who is a Literacy Consultant and an encounter with one of her courses.


A reflection on the constant state of war around the world today



The Pond Of Life

The Pond Of Life I am a casual toss of lust at my parents command. I was careless cast into the pond of life No earthly thought, but by a mortal hand...

Is she Poacher or Gamekeeper ?

A topical look at the Teacher's plight after criticism from an Education Secretary about a looming strike.

The Christmas Commuter Calls

The Christmas Commuter Calls The vile Hansel & Gretel like trail of vomit guides the way and guides weary commuter to the temporary sanctuary...

The Big Day

I am fast approaching my 60th birthday and I am still struggling to 'find' the true meaning of Christmas for me. My childhood was not always a happy...

Snoopy Shivers

Lovers of Charles Schulz and his cartoon creation Peanuts will of course instantly identify the much-loved character of Snoopy. Indeed, many who have...

Through The Looking Glass

Through The Looking Glass Transportation at Light’s speed Eve of creation now revealed Light from time’s beginning Every pinpoint from creation’s...