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Hi there!! I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my profile page...thank you :)

My real name is Ashrael and I come from Alaska. I absolutely Love it and would not want to live anywhere else. 

I am a turtle-holic and love anything to do with turtles/tortoises. I am also an avid reader and have a full bookshelf in my room (it's glorious). Some of them I have read thrice.  

I have a very complicated heart problem called SVT and 4 underlying electrical problems that all just kinda snowball. Apparently I was born with it but did not appear until recently. It became such a problem that it required 4 heart surgeries within a year and a half. So I had a lot of time to learn new things while recovering in bed, such as crochet, poetry and story writing! I am feeling somewhat better now and am working to build up my strength and endurance so I can finally keep up with my friends again. :)   

My hobbies are singing, gaming, reading, music, crocheting, chopping wood, making people smile, training dogs, and finally.... 

Book Sniffing: 
1. Breathing in the scent of a book; often done in secret.
2. How book nerds get high.


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A Message

Dear wandering child of the earth, Do you know just how much you're worth? You have walked this path since your birth, you where destined for more...

I Couldn't Scream (IP)

I couldn't scream, no body to run, no chance to get away. For years and years I stay the same, long forgotten and rotting away. Forced to endure the...

The Journey - Chapter 3

I was frantic, rummaging through my pack to gather anything that could be useful. I filled my pockets with little packs of chemicals, toxins, and...

The Journey - Chapter 2

Drip drop. Rain on the stone floor, echoing of the ruins, the occasional crack of thunder, and the crackle of the lit torch she carried. All of these...

The Journey - Chapter 1

Trudging through the woods, we desperately needed shelter from the storm that raged above us. I and my companion Soka, had never seen a storm like this before. It ripped the sky in half with lighting, and rocked the ground with thunder.