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Holly Fisher

A performance poet and protégée of the late Bee – a beautiful poet and former editor on ABC Tales. #seeabeethinkofme

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Free (Poetry monthly)

I dreamed of you in moons and stars and skies of the blackest lace. I saw the truth deep in your eyes, as I gazed at your lovely face. I saw a bird,...

You're all I ever wanted

I have a picture in my mind. It's you, your face, my hand in yours, clutching at straws, that there may be hope, a little more time left. Time for a...

Please don't touch me

Fictional poem about the long term effects of sexual abuse. Even when the children grow up and seem to be successful and not affected by it, it does not mean that damage has not been done. 1 in 3 women have experienced abuse at some time in their life in the UK.


Born a bud, curled in, coiled. For warmth; for radiant light, waiting. spiralled petals fan, once tight, leafy arms spread to the sun; a flower...

Home sweet home

I don't care for trendy clothes, I don't need expensive things. Diamonds are just sparkly stones don't bother buying fancy rings. I don't glue on...