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Holly Fisher

A performance poet and protégée of the late Bee – a beautiful poet and former editor on ABC Tales. #seeabeethinkofme

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Invincible We wandered wild through long grass, Lioness - leading her procession of cubs across the scorched Savannah, stopping in a spot of secret...
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Work from the Hollie McNish workshop at the Reading Literature Festival yesterday. Saw Hollie perform afterwards. She was awesome.
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Divided It used to be that the simplicity of 1 + 1 = 2 was equal to the sum of a new whole - the answer of me and you. And maybe it started that way...

Queen Bee

Queen bee We made a sanctuary for you, surrounded you with flowers, played soft music and the sound of the waves, burned lavender candles - you're...


I've watched people dying... nursed elderly grandparents, declining. Had the call - best friend in a car crash, killed outright. I've seen animals,...