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Holly Fisher

A performance poet and protégée of the late Bee – a beautiful poet and former editor on ABC Tales. #seeabeethinkofme

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Forgotten Copse

I stumbled on a copse we used to walk, my mother in tow of a gaggle of little kids of different ages. I rose early with mine on Sunday morning...
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Tim Timpany - Poetry Monthly

a Scottish tale of a man with a strange fascination for Mayflies and how their curiosity for his interests became their downfall. (This is my first ever attempt at a nonsense verse, and a Scottish accent). Poem can be heard here:

Do as I say not as I do

She waited outside the Headmasters office, fidgeting on hard plastic, picking at bitten skin on frayed fingers hiding scuffed toes behind a dog eaten...

That Bloody Woman

Written for a The Global Cafe Poetry Slam final with the theme of "Idioms and Idiots".

I don't really like Hardy's Legacy

We didn't have the same taste in wine. I wasn't keen on Hardys, didn't like it, I tried it - too spicy and I didn't think it tasted chocolatey. Same...


47 of my comments have received 47 Great Feedback votes

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So sad

Posted on Sun, 03 May 2015

It's so sad to see a big strong man cry yet of course they have emotions like the rest, sometimes more. This is a very poignant poem. 


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