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Noa Klausner

I am currently a Junior at Butler University. My major is Biology and pre-med, but I really love writing and miss doing it, so here is a random collection of some old and new pieces. Please enjoy :)

My stories

Innocent Skin

God it hurt to love him. Our love blazed everything and everyone in its path, leaving nothing in its wake but a pile of flattened rubble. The depth...

A Letter to My Almost-First

Dear Alex, I guess first, I would like to simply know how you are. We ended abruptly, or should I say, you ended us - with your feelings made crystal...

I Remember

I remember a lot about him. I remember his dark skin, melting onto me like dark chocolate. He left a stain on my teeth and a bitter taste in my mouth...

With you, till the end

This the short story of a man who loses all faith in a force that he was once sure existed.

A Vision in Red

This is a story of a broken marriage, told from two very different points of view.