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William Calkins

William Calkins has been a professional teacher, artist and musician in and around the Chicago area for over thirty years. Over that time he has followed a creative lifestyle discovering new challenges and improving his powers of observation and intuition. To continue his passion to create, he has taken up practicing the fine art of writing. He now lives on an off-the-grid homestead in Montana and is working on making life simpler. He believes it’s important what you do with the time you have. 

My stories

Dog Years

I snuck out of my caboose and stood on the train tracks outside. The feeling of the early summer evening air and the hard iron of track rails under...

Roadside Assistance

A bolt of lightning sizzled to earth in silence and then an explosive crash sounded. The lightning shaft stood out in the western sky where storm...


Dancing in the Streets A formal-dressed couple danced in the middle of a romantic European street under a soft rain shower. A Studebaker taxi waited...

Small Secrets

The three year old girl carefully tip-toed across her rural home's front porch in a sear-sucker jumper and hunched down next to her black Dachshund...
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A Nose by Any Other Name

It’s funny. I snapped out of a day dream, standing beside my over-heated, two-toned Ford Edsel, at the side of the road. For no rational reason, I...