ABCtales 2016 London Competition

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I wept as the world fell into the eyes of its own machination just as those ink smeared pages stained black my memories I'll always feel forsaken...

"Oh, It's a Lovely War!"

A fiddler plays The Twelfth Street Rag, wives and husbands clap their hands...

War of Sounds

Drip Drop Drip Is that the sound of squalid rainwater Running through the mud in torrents Or the steady beat of spilled blood Writing my comrades...

The Lost Generation

After the endless cacophony of dying a silence is born. Expression lacks point. Our words do not encompass the shape of a trench or shell blast's...

Papa's Watch

When she saw what I had done, my mother peered through the bars of her bony fingers and wailed. It was as if I had killed and pinned a giant rat to...

Looking Ahead, Looking Back

1914 "100 years on what will have become of our heirs, if the Kaiser’s troops overrun? … 2014 100 years gone: we look at the war at mistakes and such loss and with hindsight see more, appalled at the gore …

Wars Kill People...Don't They?

Wars Kill People…Don’t They? 320 words To die for one’s country, Is a beautiful and fitting thing. They were words I once heard, But it’s not a song...


Home! 220 words I waited for him to come home, As he promised that he would. He’d gone to fight in the war, Not that it did anyone any good. War ends...

The World at War!

World at War! 2319 words ‘Get yourself down to the recruiting office you’re no use on the farm.’ said Squire. ‘Your country needs you. I shouldn’t...
Gold cherry

Battle Cries

*** Echoes of familiar voices ***