ABCtales 2016 London Competition

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Flesh and Blood (For 'Woke Up This Morning' Comp.)

Woke up this morning with a boil on my toe. It’s an unusual place to find a boil but that’s what it was. At least, that’s what it looked like. It was...

Déjà vu

*** for woke up this morning competition ***

Deterioration Haiku

DETERIORATION HAIKU Woke up this morning and all was right with the world. She lay there sleeping Woke up this morning as she held my noisy phone,...

Woke Up This Morning

Woke up this morning feeling fit as a fiddle. That was a nice surprise because most mornings I felt dreadful. I lay in bed for a while enjoying the...

She Cut Her Hair!

“Woke up this morning and just thought, hey why not?” “Well I think you’re very brave Sue. It looks great. When did you last have it cut?” “2008...

The Birth of Claustrophobia

**** for the 'woke up this morning...' Competition. ****

Lay, born

Woke up this morning, Here, In this life. Near, Was my wife. Sleepy, How she was, Asked me About last night Damn! I did it bad Again! She smiled,...

Life's Dream

Life's dream by Cleveland W. Gibson Woke up this morning, from dreaming of Paradise (Won) to sing about the rhythm of life, and those things in my...


Woke up this morning. She could talk forever. We had less than an hour. Little book of miracles in her hand Understand. We were kind to each other So...

I woke up this morning

I woke up this morning My lover he had fled Lying on his pillow Was a rose of pure blood red Oh my handsome stranger Why did you thus depart After...