ABCtales 2016 London Competition

The details of our fantastic new competition can be found here:

Best of luck to all entrants!




London Street Music

Inspired by my son’s musical interpretation:

Feeling at Home with Savages (Competition entry LONDON)

There are threads that bind me to London. Some are thicker than others but they are all strong. I didn't’t know they were there at first, now I...

Bermondsey to Basra Battlefronts.

Bermondsey to Basra Battlefronts. 2002. Dole doldrums, Asbo estate yobbo’s attack stagnated study,mates dying on crack, no jobs for the Bermondsey...

A Midsummer Night's Blitz (London)

A Midsummer Night’s Blitz Chapter 1 September 1940 Every worn wooden step shrieked my coming. In the cloistered darkness of a hallowed shrine my...

Touring with Harry ( London Competition)

Harry just loves the city of London. Most days and nights he can be found driving his open topper past all the world famous landmarks that London has...
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

District Line ( London competition)

doors closing… dead eyed they hang from leather loops ears plastic wrapped to numbing music cloth wrapped meat destined for abattoirs of chrome and...

A Voyage Through London

London Competition entry.

Bus Spotting (London)

London Competition Entry.