A Collection of Nothing In Particular

Just a mish-mash of different stuff with no running theme.

7 Billion

There are 7 billion people in the world

A Lesson From Wordsworth

I am implored to tell I am spellbound By the way Wordsworth wrote his verse And then appealed to our better nature To forgive his errant words.

A Little Bit Tired

Phoney on the phone to Nigel/Barry 5pm wake up call Drive home, same road

A Room with Shaun

What is to be said of revolution so late in the day? Written after watching a youtube video of poet Shaun Shane.


the painter's wild brush strokes endure the tireless ages and coax my mind to complete the image with textures of my own for a moment i am trapped...

Another Week/Servitude

Another week, with a bang, Starts my conscious mind – Heart resists, belief follows on, Skipping, with daisy chain headdress, Down the merry garden path.

Bog Roll

If you don't approve the use of the term 'bum hole' in a poem, then this is probably not for you.

Caricature of a Poet

These men seem knowing of my love affair, As if some rite of passage or diversion,

What Was in That Cup?

What was in that cup? It made her laugh so heartily, That strands of hair were dislodged, And fell about her cheeks Now flushing red, Half with the self consciousness of

Throw Out

Thrust off your attention to detail, and speak.

January Robbed Us

On the day when the sun’s haze Was an opaque obscuring of clean, Crisp air...


We are but a tiny blip in the history of mankind, As every man knows – but pays it no mind, To ponder on the way that it should be, Is as a tiny stone thrown to the sea;


I bought a domain name the other day; www.cynics.com ...

The Enjoyment Of Poetry

I don't have the recall To remember historical events,

On Observing the 'Occupy' Movement

And as I stood, bemused on the sidewalk, A sadness flooded my mind, What became of this bastion of the free?

Twit-twoo! (I.P.)

My Granny had a tortoise named Bert...

I'm Off

Jumpin’ into idealism and a sense of being alive.

Sequel to 'I'm Off'

I got on the plane and looked around, All I could hear, to my horror, abound; An iPhone’s clickity-click shutter sound, I’d be tagged on Facebook before we touched down

The Weatherman's Blues/A Busman's Holiday

Oh, Michael Fish Grant me this wish; ‘Cause I couldn’t be glummer, Predict a dry Summer.

Flat Roof Lament Opposite the Industrial Estate with Rain

I want to see through Ginsberg's eyes, Tattered prince of the lower East side,


Educate ‘em, Text book to verbatim, Then cry When they ask why You’ve been Living archaically? Seriously?

So I Write

Of course I ask too much, It's my fault, So I write.

Three Days in the Wild

the ephemeral embrace of colours and textures

I'm Driving in the Desert

It’s hot here, I must be dreaming...

Happy People

To be unreservedly happy, There are facts you must bury.

The Snowman

When I was a child, scribbling snowman stories...

You Take No Anger

You take no anger with you, You leave nothing on your slate.

My Pale and Untamed Gut

Oh, my pale and untamed gut, How we’ve carved ourselves a rut...

There was a Young Lady (Hangover IP)

There was a young lady who swallowed some wine, I don’t know why she swallowed the wine – Perhaps she’ll die.

Words and Flowers

Written after reading something which blew me away. Nothing needed to be said.

My Uncle Lives Alone

Plain to me is the pain of unquenchable desire; It leads me nowhere but the beginning.


I pine to live life by my own volition.

My Barmaid

your shoulders have freckles, though I haven’t just noticed; they’ve been shrugging in my mind for weeks,

My Way of Saying; 'We all Feel Like That Sometimes', to Someone.

It’s not easy; An understatement, But I try to save myself some pain By ignoring my internal monologue.


crows scatter to the leafless boughs

Impenetrable Pride

'i don't like olives'

Watching Me, Watching Somebody Else, Watching Me.

Young and precious in his words and Unfurling a red carpet to mark his way;
Poem of the week

The Rising of the Leaves

Under lucid gaze the clock turns slowly backwards,