Poems and Other

Poetry and other uncompleted stories etc.

Shadow Land: Chapter One

Chapter One of a story I am experimenting with, about a girl named Hazel who is not all she seems. Enjoy :)

Anna Marie

The man sat beside The gravestone and cried Today she’d be twenty three His baby girl Anna Marie Ten years today God ripped her life away And the man is still in misery


There are people in this world Who will try to get you down, Sometimes it’s enough To really make you frown What is the use of crushing Other people’s hearts?


Short poem about the horrors of the common cold :)

My Twin and I

A poem about me and my sister :)

Happy Birthday Nana

Today is a special day for me. It is my nanas birthday, but unfortunately she passed away last month. This is a tribute to her life.

The Rain

I like the puddles it makes On every single street I like to cause mischief And splash people I meet.


It’s time again To do maths revision Probability, graphs And writing long division. I can’t handle it It really drives me mad Working out percentages And learning how to add.

Forever and a Day

You have no idea Of the way you make me feel And even if you did you’d think It isn’t a big deal I don’t think you realise That I want so much more Than casual chats


Into the forest of despair we go Where death is a sweet release In this world of rebellion Will we ever know of peace? And my pounding heart Slams against my chest

Love is A Game

Love is a pain, love is cruel It turns us all into fools It hurts like a slap to your face Some say it’s the thrill of the chase You crushed my heart like a grape

I'll meet you at the special place

The tide has come into the bay Today is a brand new day The sun will rise, as will it fall And from the heavens you shall call Above the stars, above the sky, The angels can hear your cry,

Where I Stand

I wonder, did you reserve That special smile for me? It’s sometimes hard to tell You’re such a mystery And you hold me in your arms But something isn’t right

More Beast than Beauty

I am stood in the dark. I can hear the stiff conversation between the two girls on the stage, forced and badly delivered. My arms stick out at odd...

Playground Games

We were playing tag. You wore a pink anorak – always pink – blonde ponytail bobbing as you scurried across the playground. I was close behind – I...

New Year

The sky pools out like spilled wine, visible only through the tangle of twigs looming from the trees above. Your hand snags mine, cold through my...
Gold cherry


When she was born, she was light as a feather. Her mother said she would grow to be one of those girls who walked with effortless grace. She’d have...