Thoughts and Whispers.


Do you like me coz I’m crazy Or because I made you laugh Or is it coz we’re family Or I am your other half Do you like me coz we grew up Chasing boys and climbing trees

2008: This Year....

This year is drawing to a close A new one waits to rise And so I look back on this year With quiet reflective eyes It started for me long ago More than a year it seems

9/11 Ten Years On

A decade’s passed, Ten years to grieve To find some faith and to believe That in our hearts the fallen sleep They do not hurt, they do not weep Ever will their memories stay

A future bright.

Oh the pain that life can bring Can break the heart that once did sing Can crush the soul that used to fly Oh cruel life, won’t you tell me why? You tarry heavy on my love

A little ode to spring....

Gentle sunlight, Gentle breeze Flowers buzz with bumble bees Birds in branches sing so sweet As fragrant snow falls at my feet Bright the world that blooms anew Smiles abound and newborns coo

A lovers rambling....

Sometimes I can’t believe it I have to pinch myself To think that you were there for me to pluck you off the shelf That someone hadn’t grabbed you And kept you for their own

A Million Miles of Sky

And now a new path, step by step Unfolds before a cautious heart And with each footfall comes afresh A new and hopeful start So onward go, with courage strong

A Question

Is it easy to die? To just slip away


the preservation of a memory

Beautiful Boy.

I am the beholder.


I listen, I hear, I feel....


Beautiful city Troubled past A brighter future now to last My ray of light My love, my heart Dwells here when life keeps us apart This wounded place This vibrant soul

Betrayal (To the tune of sing a song of sixpence)

Sing a song of sexpants A pocket full of lies Four and Twenty black clouds Cover the eyes When the eyes are opened The truth begins to sting Now wasn't that a nasty shock to ruin everything

Broken Wings.

How can I fly With these two broken wings I’m a poor wounded bird who just sits here and sings With the leaves close around me The world far below


In this world This haven of diversity I am colourblind I see not the skin The creed The culture But the person The soul that lies beyond Good Bad nonchalant Each face, different


I want to heal you Turn the bruises to blushes of passionate bliss I want to take your open wounds and seal them with a kiss Take that void, that empty soul Fill it with my heart

My Stephen

Have I won some heavenly lottery?

Little Flutterby....

Winged beauty, like a breath imbibed with rainbows many shades So elegant it travels through the vast and flowered glades


You are not an angel, You do not walk on clouds You have powers not and yet you have power over me You are not perfect Or infallible You have weaknesses and flaws Yet I love you.


Seek not this child She is lost A tiny shadow amidst the swarm of life No cries to hear No hand to hold Too far gone. Seek not this child. Her time has come

The Heartless Heart

Damn my broken heart It seems to like the pain because no matter what I do It falls in love again I try to hold it back I tell myself to wait But by the time I realise It's already too late

Write a poem...

Write a poem lay it down make a stranger smile or frown words of wisdom wild ideas whispers from the bygone years be it simple be it vague be it filled with fear and rage

Growing Pains.....

Words like knives slice wounds unnoticed Caretless hearts with whispers bruise Cruel minds seek to unbalance Jeaousy will trun the screws No one sees the tears well hidden


It matters not These smiles I wear The shadows still inside do tear I'm ripped apart I cannot fight I cannot find find my way to light I'm lost within I'm all alone Fear and sorrow

Seasonal fayre.....

A carpet of gold lies under my feet A crisp seasons blanket to hide the concrete All wrapped up in layers 'gainst blustering breezes To hold in the heat and keep away sneezes

The Passion of True Love.

I need You want To feel To touch Hungry hands and lips exploring Quickened breath and eyes adoring Passion burns in hearts unbound Trust unending Lovers found


You From the moment I saw you. I loved you. No need to be face to face No need for words or spoken something’s My heart heard you. My soul sought you My eyes found you and I knew.

One Love

I miss you The warmth of your body against me The smell of your skin The feel of your touch Your hands on my body You lips on mine Our souls entwined One spirit Two hearts One love

The Sentinel

Alone I stand No friends have I My feet in earth I touch the sky No hands to hold No voice to sound I stand alone On higher ground My watchful eye Always alert No life to lose

In Memorium

Do not shed those tears for me I have moved on I now am free Think of me with smiles instead I am not gone My souls not dead I live in every one of you In laughter shared And memories true

The Fountain

Like grains of sand Through careless fingers Words tumble from my mouth Heartfelt Honest A waterfall of simple truths Cascading over you I cannot hold back I cannot stop Such raw emotion

The Greatest Gift

To start with nothing Thoughts Ideas A swirling mass within my mind But how to take that vivid storm And let it dance before your eyes Set it free to find its way Fly Embrace

Ode to a Snowflake.

Oh little flake of purest white How soft you glide from heavens height To rest upon the frosty land And touch the world with icy hands Oh with your brethren cold and crisp

Flickering Flame

My light is slowly fading I cannot keep a hold I'm far to weak and sorrowful to stay alight I'm told I'm drifting into darkness The shadows know my fears

Somebody's Somebody

I'll hold you when you're weeping When you think all hope is gone And don't worry if you're feeling low and want to be alone I'll be here though the hard times Just reach out for my hand

Gone but not forgotten

I wish I could have saved you I was so far away Too long gone by Too many years So much I had to say I wish I could have seen you Before you took that road To hear your thoughts


In winters bleakest moment Ice laden and bitter Winds twist the words away Carries them on frozen drifts Cries unheard Voice unknown The night falls early Darkness quilts the white lands


Darkness Light Silence Deafening Blasts A tumult of sensations Too much Too fast Life Death What am I doing? Why am I here? Dirt in my eyes In my lungs In my skin Heat Haze


I am a poet It is not what I do but who I am Words are my air I breathe them in and let them fill me Then they tumble from me, cascading like a waterfall into verse Rhymes, Prose,

Simply Summer

These lazy summer afternoons When time drifts by like a leaf in a stream No direction No aim Just going with the flow Free The warm gentle breezes Scenting the air with freshly cut grass

That Look

That look. That look that tells me I’ve been caught in wrong doing That look that is half anger, half amusement.

Stephen Fry

And here in words and witty quips Of nonsense, bollocks, sexy whips Amidst the tomes and funny haha With stockings, garters French ooh lala Above the snooty posh old snifters

Untitled random piece

His laughter warms my soul Music from the heart Envelopes me and holds me in its deep honesty The smiling prelude The lifted face His joy, his happiness My all

Just Us.

The sun glints on the water casting diamonds across our view My hand in yours No words No need The music of the waves caresses the quiet night Beautiful imperfection You by my side

The Story of Me

The music of my life plays around me in unseen drifts Nursery rhymes flutter by like butterflies Laughter and grazed knees Trees and buttercups

Walk with me.

Walk with me Along each winding road Each path of life that runs ahead of us Walk with me Past the windows of our lives Our past, present and future By your side I’ll be

My Love.

Endless is my love for you Unconditional and true I ask not anything from you Because you are my love. No burden will you be to me There's nothing I wont do for thee

The Storm

The world greys Clouds mumble Whispers grow to angry yells

I am.

I am the girl I am because of everyone I've known Each life has left its imprint on me Spirit, flesh and bone Each heartbeat joins the rhythm of the band to which I walk


Oh wouldst thou be mine forever? From dawns first light ‘til darkness falls Be but my love and I’ll ask no more of thee Thou art more fair than heavens angels More soft then winters snow

The Promise.

Useless I feel so useless My arms cannot reach you to comfort you My words seem empty and cold I wish I was stronger for you I wish I had riches untold

We Wont Forget.

To those who fight for freedoms and better lives for all To those who leave all that they love To answer someones call To those who rest in shadows Neath skies of fiery hate

Seasons Greetings

But lo it is the season Let the merriness begin Leave out the cold and wintery blues And let the warmth seep in

The Light that Shines.

Why are some people far too blind to see what I can see The light that shines, the smile that warms the heart that beats in me Why can't some people realise that some of us are scarred

In You.

Weep if you need to, Mourn us and grieve But don’t think us gone We won’t truly leave We live in your memories We stay in your hearts No matter the distance Our love never departs

The Insomniacs Wish

Eyes wide Mind full Tossing Turning Push and Pull Silence reigns Darkness falls Yet slumber hides outside my walls Sleep, Sleep, end my day Take my waking world away

F*****G Awesome

I am fucking awesome There’s no one else like me And if you cannot see that You need to leave me be I don’t need your approval Your acceptance or renown Your need to feel superior

From Dreams to Waking...

In the vale of saved up kisses ‘Neath the tree of falling stars Where the whispering voices linger Deep amidst the nears and fars While the snowdrops sing of winter

Ode to a Snowflake....

Oh little flake of purest white How soft you glide from heavens height To rest upon the frosty land And touch the world with icy hands Oh with your brethren cold and crisp


I love my love for loving me and love to love him too And with my love I love to live the life we love as two And when the love I love is low I love to light his life

For Her.

Don’t give up, gentle lady, though shadows may hold you I know that your family and friends have all told you You have all the love and support they can share

My Love.

If I am not with you it isn’t by choice But hear it in every sound of my voice I love you, with every beat of my heart It physically hurts me when we are apart

It Gets Better

Though they may hurt you and call you a fag Then back to their friends they may go just to brag Know now that you’re better than they’ll ever be They’re cowards and hide behind cold cruelty

Little One

My dearest darling little one Resting safe within Soon it will be time to meet A new life will begin It may be bright and frightening But my darling I’ll be there

The Angel

I see you Watch you Calm you with a sigh Each moment of light and dark I am there With you Beside you Calm you with a sigh You are not alone Never alone Calm Sigh


I miss you every single day And wonder what you’d have to say About my life and all I’ve done The friends I have the heart I won I wish I’d cherished more the time

Little Heartbeat

Little heartbeat Warm and strong You lie with me I feel your song Gentle breathing Tiny sighs Little dreamer Rest your eyes Wake me lively Bouncing bomb Little heartbeat Thunders on

The End of the Tunnel

When will I see it? This supposed light At the moment I’m lost in perpetual night I do need to find it I need that release I must find a way for this darkness to cease

For my Friends...

I may not be that confident And sometimes I’m quite strange Some days I want to be alone and shy away from change I may be quite neurotic And I know I can be sad


Toss and turn No peace inside No place where my wild mind can hide I sit I stare I am not there And yet I can’t get anywhere Up Down Try to rest But deep inside I’m too depressed

Drumbeats against my sky

Words and pictures Swim before me Faces from someone else world They breathe as me Feel as me


To those who fell, we wont forget. The tears are shed, the grief is set. The flags still fly, the world still turns. Our heads are high while your...


And on those beaches many fell while those who lived faced battle hell and though the sands have long since dried We wont forget the men who died We...


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David and the dog named Kevin

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Early Night Owl

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