Variegated leaves

Mainly poetry

Mabinogion Typesetter

'But Mhairi, why Wales?' White shaggy hellhounds, bloodbath eyes Underworld plummet, barking, deafening. Rhiannon, Pwll, Brownwen, Bran Gavanti fever...


Furry hussy! You nudge and nuzzle my breasts. You pick and slobber bitemarks on my cheese. Get out! Scramble walls, slither roofs, pad ledges. Repel...

A Cancelled Passport

'You're wearing a suit and tie!' Mr Peter Francis Lockyer. Place of birth Exeter. Occupation student - scored out - new occupation travel broker. 'I...
Gold cherry

Twigs and Toads

Memories of a 6 year old Psychiatric Outpatient

Coimbra Haiku

Downtown cobbled view Too many up and down steps My wine party in. Past "backbreakers' climb Red slogans, wet sheets, communes Student dreampower...