Inspiration point (IP)

In light of the big news today, this week’s IP is “mourning”, just that. Mourning, like death, is a universal experience, we should all look both in eye and write about them. Sometimes it helps – if not ourselves – others.



Inspiration point

Forging Words of the Soul: An Explanation of Free-Writing

A breif speech on my writing style and what its supposed to mean to my felliw writers and readers. Every man to himself or herself as they say. Take,examine, or learn what you can.

The Fire

02/12/09 Have you ever thought what would b the world without u? Have you ever thought how beautiful r the dancing flames... burning everything useless, everything holy, burning your soul...

My Lady

I want to say something nice. But words are not enough - bizarre, cheesy, meaningless, shallow, heavy, pointless, suffocating...words. Your eyes aren't typically what I would go for - brown.