Inspiration point (IP)

It's been a long dark winter, but things are beginning to open up again, the sun's out - I even had coffee outside at a cafe the other day and talked to an actual person! Here's your Inspiration Point: lockdown lifting. Good luck!

Inspiration point

My Friend Sean

My Friend Sean My friend Sean is 73 My friend Sean does gymnastics see My friend Sean started out as a client

Open Your Eyes: Open Your Mind

"There are two ways we react when new information is received: we either change our mind or alter the facts. One method can be scary but the other is downright dangerous."

No Man an Island (IP)

Media brilliant lifestyles flaunt, and peers tease and taunt, boast their jollity, popularity, and depress those feeling they have less, unaware those thrills illusory, elusive,

Be not a soggy cigarette

Be all that you can be so I was told,long ago be not a soggy cigarette in a flame gone cold Keep warm within your package stoke the fire,light the lamp snuggle up within your wrapper