Inspiration point (IP)

It's been a long dark winter, but things are beginning to open up again, the sun's out - I even had coffee outside at a cafe the other day and talked to an actual person! Here's your Inspiration Point: lockdown lifting. Good luck!

Inspiration point


Breaking the Mould

He watches her sleeping. 'Peas in a pod', they’d been...

Short & Snappy

I'll keep it short & snappy, That way you'll be happy, Else you could get bored, Don't want that dear Lord! So now can I have a big clappy?

Thought Bubble

If you're not comfortable with where you are, you can do something to change it. You have a choice here. You're the one who created the thoughts. So, re-create them. If you're confronted with a situation you don't like, re-frame it or shift your focus.