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StoryPachyderm Limbs Jane Hyphen86 years 5 months ago
StoryThe Tables Turned - From Out the Window IP hudsonmoon76 years 5 months ago
StoryEntranced Tipp Hex26 years 5 months ago
StoryThe loom for air Luke Neima166 years 5 months ago
Forum topicWebsite looks fantastic Simon Barget266 years 6 months ago
StorySunshine (Chapter One, maybe) Tipp Hex36 years 6 months ago
StoryBanal Desires- Part Two Marionella46 years 6 months ago
StoryBanal Desires- Part One Marionella86 years 6 months ago
StoryA Damn Fine Fellow! hudsonmoon96 years 6 months ago
StoryThe Rookie Tipp Hex26 years 6 months ago
StorySelf Defence Tipp Hex06 years 6 months ago
StoryA Small Gift Tipp Hex16 years 10 months ago
Forum topicHoly Writing Crap, Batman! Tipp Hex256 years 10 months ago
CollectionAnecdotal Life Navel Gazing. Tipp Hex06 years 10 months ago
CollectionLove & Loss Tipp Hex06 years 10 months ago
StoryHero for Hire Tipp Hex16 years 11 months ago
StoryHuman Error Tipp Hex26 years 11 months ago
StoryOr How I Learnt To Stop Worrying And Love An Owl trashbat311 years 9 months ago
StoryWhat I Remember ivoryfishbone711 years 9 months ago
StoryChocolate Sooz006611 years 9 months ago
StoryFaith Tipp Hex311 years 9 months ago
StoryI Am No One mikepyro1211 years 10 months ago
Forum topicFavourites Ewan1111 years 10 months ago
Forum topicLooking After Mum by CastlesInTheSky tcook2511 years 10 months ago

My stories

Stepping Stone

(250 word limit flash) “So you made it,” she said with indifference. “Surprised I came?” “As if I cared, Joe.” “My name’s Stephan.” “You’re just...

Childhood's End

The gate stands between the houses as it always had. The paint’s peeling with the wood showing through like weathered bones, silvered and cracked,...

The Argument

The car became a symbol of his anger. She said nothing as each gear was rammed home like a punch to her face, the rev-counter diving into red-lined...


Such a sweet girl, but boy, could she pack a punch. My head rocked and my skin burnt as she hit me again. ‘Don’t you DO this to me, you bastard!’ She...


I killed her. Just like that. She forced me to do it, of course. By her actions, her tendencies, her personality. Inevitably it all led to her death...