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Sue Coughlan

lives on the Sunset Coast of Australia and writes for page, stage and screen.

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Umbrella Sea

I look down umbrella sea snaking between shiny metal towers separate still me a strong wind searches for red among the grey pushing risk frisking...
Gold cherry

Lace of our lives...

Silver slivers wind their way memory-wire threaded through life’s everyday by words loved-ones said. Images beaded round and whole capture a moment...

Valentine's Day Massacre

I got married on Valentine’s Day. That massacred the commercial celebration for me forever! But I’m not bitter. Perhaps I should explain… It’s...


Why do I now prefer writing in my bedroom when I have a perfectly good study - a space cleared for thought? I feel inspired to dream while I’m awake...


stepping softly you trod the path to my front door never rang the bell played favourite songs over and over until senses on overload surrounded by...


20 of my comments have received 20 Great Feedback votes

1 Vote

Thought provoking.

Posted on Mon, 14 Mar 2022

Inspiring, depressing, thoughtful and worrying.  Thank you for such an inciteful and interesting view of the world, Jane. I often feel alien. Congratuations on the golden cherries!

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Posted in This Cannot Be Our Home

1 Vote

Her Troubles

Posted on Fri, 04 Feb 2022

A very well-drawn character, dragging herself from one day to the next, through the thumping rythum of her life.  Clever.  Sympathetic.  Lots of Irish references made this piece very green.  Thank you. Stay well.

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Posted in Her Troubles

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502 Kilometers

Posted on Fri, 11 Mar 2022

Such a difficult subject, so well expressed, Turlough.  I haven't found words of my own to share such horror - the feelings.  But you have, perfectly, so I don't need to anymore.  I can share yours, thank you. Cherries well deserved too.   Stay...

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Posted in 502 Kilometres

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A Day Trip

Posted on Thu, 10 Mar 2022

Gave me a giggle, Luigi - thank you. Sounds like your trip was in fact, perfect!

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Posted in A Day Trip

1 Vote

Very amusing - excellent

Posted on Mon, 16 Mar 2020

Very amusing - excellent characters too.  Is this a book or the concept of a TV Series script?  Made me think of the Irish Series, Father Ted, so I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 

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Posted in An Ill Wind

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Circle of story...

Posted on Wed, 26 Feb 2020

Your handling of moments in time; past, present and future, is admirable.  It's lovely to read your writing again PT. 

I particularly enjoyed your completion of the circles - your storytelling is masterful.  You have complete control of...

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Posted in Buses

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Loved it!

Posted on Thu, 22 Oct 2015

Such an achingly heart-full poem, full of warmth and memory utilising all the senses at once.  Love the journey, the lyrical approach and the final lines closing the circle of storytelling with a truth.  Love, love, loved it, Tina!   Thank you...

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Posted in 'The Borrowers' (Poetry Monthly)

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Posted on Mon, 20 Jan 2014

Wow!  Such a beautifully wrought poem - the best I've read today and I have read quite a few in the last couple of hours... This is such a wonderful fascility to showcase talented but hitherto unknown (to me) writers.

Telling the story of...

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Posted in As Autumn Leaves