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I have 8 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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My stories

The Reign Of Three Kings #2

Chapter 2: Asher and Sadon deal with the repercussion of the bells amongst the rest of the city in an attempt to discover the cause for them to be rung. Sadon is forced to make a quick decision and Asher bumps into a familliar face in the disarray . Enjoy - Hal

The Reign Of Three Kings #1

Chapter One of a story i've been working on! Please give feedback on anything as i am constantly trying to improve! Enjoy! - Hal (Harry)

The Compromising Battle [Part 1]

This is the start of one of the final chapters for my book which includes a great battle. I would love to see what everyone thinks and get some feedback as i feel this is one of my best pieces so far. I aim to upload the next part for some point next week and continue doing that until i finish the chapter! Hope you all enjoy! :)

Spell Struck

Little love poem thing i tried for aomeone special... Would love feedback! Enjoy, Harry!


Small poem i wrote whike on a creative writing course :) hope you enjoy!