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Open to criticism and compliments. Contact me with any further questions or concerns with the email below. In the subject line put "ABCTales".

Email: Art3mis99@gmail.com

My stories

Dramatic Monologue - I Get It.

(Casual) You have a girlfriend, I get it. You don’t notice I’m alive, I get it. You think I’m the random girl who just started talking to you after...

It's a Beautiful World

The world around a little girl swirls into an obscure shape The world around a little girl becomes what we all think is fake she covers her round...

Stuck in Checkmate

Hot tears melt on my reddened face will this forever be my fate? crushed by my own emotions denied by those who I love denied by those who I had...

Requiem to a Friendship Damaged

~To past greivances~ If I disapeared would I be missed? Whould you notice the girl you talk to the girl whose words you take for granted is gone? If...


One new message press 4 to play please listen what I'm going to say it isn't easy to hear I think I'm drowning don't worry mom my physical body is...