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Alejandro Vasquez

Hey! Like a whole lot of people on here, I'm an aspiring fiction author who wants to do this for a living someday. Unlike a whole lot of people on here, I can read tarot cards and recite "Shrek is love Shrek is life" from memory. I primarily like writing "weird" stories - no boring reality, no straightforward plots. I toss in the supernatural, science fiction, and other major deviations from the norm when I can. So I may not write the next Catcher in the Rye, but I could write the next Catcher in the Rye Except With Less Whining and More Alien Abductions and that sounds perfect to me. I'm more than willing to share advice, pleasant conversation, and story ideas with people, I'm up for collaborations, and I also accept generous cash donations.

For the sake of practice and variety, I take requests. Want me to actually write Catcher in the Rye Except With Less Whining and More Alien Abductions? Ask me. Want me to write slash fiction for some obscure fandom from the darkest corners of Tumblr? Try me. Want me to write that I intend to bomb a major American monument? Probably not gonna come out in a way that would convince government agents that I'm serious, but I'll put a fun new fiction spin on it. I'll do anything, ANYTHING!

My stories

Lingering at the Edge

"What?" "I said, what if I just walked over to the cliff, told you to follow me, and walked right off? What would you think?"

Whoooa-oh-OH-oh, for the Longest Time ...

Noah wakes up from another wild night and realizes that 1) he is dead, and 2) he is in an elevator shuttling him to the afterlife - complete with elevator music. Good elevator music.

Just Stop Eating People Already

“No. Stop. Don’t eat him.” I’ve been going at it for days now. It’s barely been one since the last group of victims. But here I go, still clawing,...

Fourth-Dimensional Shit, Tyrone

Joanna brushed past me without a single hey, tumbled on the sofa, and politely requested that I shoot her. Oh, brother , I roll my eyes. “Whatever’s...

Chapter 34: Clarity

Richter’s corpse is still bleeding all over the ancient stones. The industrialist’s blood drips from the jaguar tooth at the tip of the staff in Ren...