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Nintendo's rainchecks

A lot of children will be unhappy on Christmas day. They will be expecting to get a Nintendo Wii to play. But they'll be shocked and angry when they only receive an IOU.

I wish I was a bird

I wish I was a bird because birds can fly. It would be so graceful to soar through the sky. It would be both exciting and serene. I could see the world beneath me, what a wonderful scene.


I love pancakes with syrup because it's so sweet. It truly is a delicious thing for people to eat. Mrs.Butterworth's is my favorite syrup but I like Karo too.

Donkey Kong Junior

Mario captured and locked up a big brown ape. It was up to the gorilla's son to help him escape. He had to climb and avoid enemies in order to set Donkey Kong free.

Everybody deserves a second chance

You were arrested and put in jail. After you got out, people started giving you hell. You paid your debt to society and now you are free. You deserve a second chance but sadly nobody else agrees.