womans love for some elses man

Beautiful Nature!!

love and heartache and beauty rolled all in to one.

White Snow seduction!!

Some may say my life was decadence Long before I did, But was I wrong to grasp for Even a mynute dash of hope, Or was I just too blind to see, what was There leaping out in front of me.

60 Years In A Blink

Make your own minds up of the meaning/thoughts behind this poem Have fun :)))

Always Fight For What You Believe Josh

A grandfather talking to his grandson about wars and life.

Angels and Candles

Your like an angel, Blowing subtle,Yet Strong enough so that We know your there, Just enough to make Us feel,relaxed And calm. You can disappear As quick as you appeared


Fundraising poem

Dear Jesse

A friend writing a letter to her best mate, of sorts.

Remember Me Smiling

While I sit submerged in the tranquility Of peace and beauty amongst my tall fern trees And an aray of beautiful scattered red flame Flowers,on my worn,yet faithful oak bench

You were my life

marriage break up woman's pain

Like a Rat Trapped

I don't see a way out of this dreary weary route, No obvious signs of escape,at first it looked a safe,loving kind of place,

Through My Childs Eyes

Why do you never really listen, am I the one you never wanted!

Love On The Internet!

about looking and finding some one on a dating site after a long relationship.

Lost Soul

short poem not actually what the title suggests.

Easy To Forget Your There!

Poem about what we could be losing out on :)

Sudden Touch

computer friends

Lonely Pain

women wanting a child

My Subsidence

Poem Is not about what it appears to be about more deeper than the first opening line. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL.... I HOPE THIS YEAR ALL YOUR DREAMS&WRITING ONES COME TRUE :)))

No More Pain Please.

I can't understand your grief, nor can I imagine what life could of been for me, if I had to suffer the same. Or shed so many tears I watch you part with, hour after Hour, day after day.

Lets Start Again!

Competition Entry

Heavens here.

about some one losing a love one

One Left Leg, Stands Always Right.

girl asking for her family's help or is it :)

So Perfect.

a man dreaming of peace

Just Too Say

A Mother missing her child.

Forget You Not

A friend saying good bye with a difference!

My Girl.

A Man's first love letter.

Silent Party

about a graveyard


spread good thoughts not bad.

Please Stop, And Listen

A teenager's struggles with a generous, yet UN- willing listener to her/his child's needs.

Taken One Winters Night

about someone been left for dead

Not Just Another Day.

'No darling don't eat that, It looks like it's been there for Days by the look of your aunties Flat'.'Oh mother,you know I love prawns And on a sandwich even better'.

You Keep Driving Me Mad.

woman who cant sleep

I'm Sorry,

A daughter struggling to deal with her pain and her dads.

100 Years....

When new year struck midnight 1914,I expect there were resolutions You knew would be broken and High spirits for what this fresh Year ahead would...