Exmouth - It's the South West's Best Kept Secret

Stories, poetry and opinion pieces set in my hometown.

I love the virginal power of Rosemary Wilkinson

I love the virginal power of Rosemary Wilkinson, lifelong daughter of Exmouth recently retired from office work. Louts who mock her grey didacticism...


An old labourer Entered by Dionysus, His sap rising, Plucked his strings And sang. His clothes were shabby and his hair unkempt His voice sometimes...

Rosemary's Carriage Clock

They had not let her go early. But at a quarter-to-five, Emma her line manager with her customary in-yer-face niceness and right-girls-I'm-in-charge...
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Poem of the week

Shifting Sands

The ebb the flow, the stay the go upon the shifting sands The ebb the flow the yes the no the water and the land I blew in on an August wind and some...

Va Va Voom

Written in first lockdown, approx 250 words
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Charity Shop Girls

None of us born in this seaside town Laura and Moyra who work here Claire the manager who works when she's well Ann and I who rummage. We talk -...

The Screen Within - A Tale of the Unexpected

Woke up this morning, usual moves. Cleaning the cinema before the doors open, my one surprise is what I find. That pair of black ladies knickers on...

Beacon Vaults Exmouth

At the jam sesh at the vaults on wedsnay night were pete and pete and rach and tim and chris. Pete piped and fluted, hippy pete guitarred and tim and...

Drugs - where's the harm?

'Drugs are poisons that can have a pleasant effect' Alternative London 1974

Smell our fish

Exmouth for visitors Do not have ants in your pants Where to? We take our time Here Do you see us? Hear us Feel our underwaters We show our colours...