Poems About People

At Beaumont Hill

A tribute to the tireless work of staff and pupils at a very special school

Bright Spark

This poem is about an 84 year old woman who has an amazing zest for life

Cerebal Captive

A reflection on a victim of Cerebal Palsy

Rock Bottom

We never saw you cry No one felt your pain Now an empty office chair Yawns sad and alone That desolate workplace plain No one really cared Or even...

The Unwanted Office Spectre Returns

A carpet swish is all that's heard Glass doors blush and part again A troubled phantom enters A million misrable Mondays enter in Now as then, you...

I Pity The Poor Commuter

Working in Central London in the Seventies I can relate first hand to the world of endless commuting.

Darkness Canyon

I was recently reminded of World Mental Heath Awareness Day and it linked in my mind with a yound girl who took her own life...I cannot know that place, but in respect of her memory I wrote this piece.

Peterloo Remembered

I was shocked to learn of how Mary Hayes had become a forgotten victim of the social struggle that led to Peterloo. This is my tribute to those who suffered at St Peters Field

New School

New School, Big School Trembling, treading soft Tiny, shy and over-awed Through the cavernous Cathedral of learning Goggle-eyed with fear Tippy-toed...

Wot You Lookin' At?(The Eyes Have It)

Wot You Lookin’ At? (The Eyes Have It) Have you ever wondered how love begins? How desires are fuelled and passions roused? Well, I think the eyes...

Feet Of Clay

Defying astronomical odds, Ali set of on a path that no one predicted...truly an unexpected win

A Siren Sang Of Love

I refer to the beauty in a siren call and I mean only that in this poem of love.

A Geordie Hero on Distant Shore

A Geordie Hero on Distant Shore Gan canny Colly lad Bony’s boys await Horatio a dying hero Up to you to seal their fate As Hardy hugged his Lord Game...

Will Cooks Up A Storm

Will Cooks Up A Storm From Bottom’s raging rocks To the Tempest’s storm-tossed shock From a chilling Winter’s Tale To Twelfth Night’s cakes and ale...