Long and short poems of all types from Tragedy to Humour.


A MANS A MAN FER A THAT a tribute to Robert Burns for the New Year

My attempt at the style of Robert Burns includes references to 'To a Mouse' 'Tam O Shanter' and'Auld Lang Syne.'


Season of mellow fruitfulness.

Best of Friends

BEST OF FRIENDS A summer’s day, a gentle breeze We sit at ease. We watch a lark high in the sky My friend and I A stately heron by the brook We sit and look.


BETRAYAL He was my friend. I trusted him. I’d known him all my life. He stood and handed me the ring when she became my wife. I welcomed him with open arms when to our house he came


THE NIGHT ANGLER An owl calls so softly through the trees The silvery water’s cascade by the mill The willows rustle gently in the breeze But by the millpond all is quiet and still.

The Damask Rose

THE DAMASK ROSE Inside her Bible memories dwell Between the leaves: She only knows There lingers still the fragrant smell Of a single crushed white damask rose.


POOR MABEL I worried about poor Mabel She’d seemed rather strange for a while To concentrate she’d been unable but sat with a permanent smile. I’d known her for many and many a day.

The Geisha

Demurely bowing her pretty head With eyes cast down in quiet humility She waits her master's bidding. Her raven hair piled high With pins and combs secure in place

The Emperors Clothes

When I was just a little lad my mother read to me A fairy tale by Anderson as I sat on her knee it was a moral story that I can still recall About an Emperor most vain.He thought he knew it all


PRESENTS In Bethlehem, In Judea on that first Christmas Day. A little child, our Lord was born and in a manger lay. Three Sages from the Orient were guided by a star


SNOW BLIND The Children are excited this sunny Christmas morn To see the deep, smooth carpet of snow upon the lawn. ‘Oh! Can we build a snowman, Oh! Let us please’ they ask?


HELLCAT She said she loved me dearly that could not be denied But could not leave her pussy cat. ’ Oh I love cats,’ I lied So I agreed, I had no choice and she became my bride

Peter Pan's Great Adventure

'To die is the greatest adventure of all' said Peter Pan. It is certainly the question everyone asks and no-one can answer.


WHY ROYAL? Why honour Wootten Bassett with a royal accolade? Did some monarch in the past enjoy its Grand Parade? This cannot be, for it has none, yet people flocked from everywhere


THE KISS A single kiss: He was betrayed. With silver coins the traitor paid. Judas found hanged upon a tree My Saviour crucified for me At Calvary.


REQUIEM ETERNUM He looked at me with tear-filled eye ‘Oh Ginger, Am I going to die? I looked and saw his lifeblood flow And gruffly answered; ’Course...

Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise. Cold, cold. So bitter, bitter, cold. The watery sun peeps coyly through the mist Black skeletal trees reflected in the snow Dance...

The Blackbird

THE BLACKBIRD The scent of roses on the morning air. Sun dappled shadows on my balcony. Warmed by a gentle summer breeze Silent I sat in peaceful...


PERCY I have a very special friend I’ve known him all my life He’s always been right there with me through happiness and strife. When I was just a...

Where No Birds Sing

Where No Birds Sing A pallid sun shines fitfully u pon the rows of wire encircled huts Where no birds sing Upon the skeletal forms. Men, women,...