I may never recover from the blow I shall receive when my friend Ali reads this.

Bangor Man

I met a tramp in Bangor on Dee and he made me look at myself again

Cellophane Lives

A harsh look at the material world some people create and hide in


Ever thought you knew someone, only to find you don't have the slightest clue? Those isolated pearls of wisdom from this man, leave me wanting more. The most gentle human being I have ever met.

Walk Together

Walk Together I observed a couple the other day with their infant. They were sat in a supermarket Cafe trying to grab a bite to eat in between...

Making Amends

Today a friend is buried. A heart attack tore him from our grasp. His life is an example that we should never leave making amends until tomorrow.

When do I cry?

Finally the search is over for me. How to sum up a great man and his part in my life.

Tha's Going To Halifax

This is an apocryphal tale narrated in the voice of a small boy. The boy being my late father in law and his recollection of a day trip to the seaside that ultimately went wrong. I have embellished much, but the essence of the recollection remains true, as was the final destination of the ill-fated trip.

Moonlight Bay

It's Lugi's fault...he got me thinking of Doris Day. So I melded a sort of Romeo & Juliet ending to a forbidden love...not what the Hollywood of the time would have scripted.

2011 - A Rite Of Passage

I love the Inspiration point for this week (w/c 4/5/19) for a few reasons. One is that it gives the writer so many options; only the quality and the content really matter, so long as the year falls within the remit. Secondly, I have been alive for a good few of those years and I could draw material from any since about 1960 up until now. Finally, it stirred my brain into action like no other as I scanned the past for events and people to write about.

Granny Glue

I lost a dear friend in September this year. His wonderful wife stuck with him through thick and thin. Hence 'Granny Glue' This poem is a tribute to a fantastic wife, grandmother and friend.

The Whispering Winds Of Hate

Like a lot of my writing I started in one direction and ended up in another. Still, it qualifies for the Inspiration Point (I hope)