Inspiration point (IP)

It's a one word Inspiration Point this week: secrets. Don't worry about sharing them - we promise we won't tell anyone!  wink Good luck!

Inspiration point

'It's time to complete your tax return...' (IP)

… make you feel that you’re ever so dim, and your eyes glaze over, and start to skim, the meaning is lost, and your mind goes blank and you wonder if this will soon empty the bank …

I am a leaf.

I am a leaf. I’m that leaf on the tree outside the garden gate, yes that’s me. Planning my future because I was asked; Held in place by a finger, frame.

All of these stories came about following the loss of my family

Mick Betts I was born here on the 10th April 1945 just two weeks before the war finished and was born at Eastfield Crescent.

a walk down memory lane.

The morning sun glared from behind the silhouette of Hunched over oak trees, competing for space with The grave stones in the cemetery on horizons plane.